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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sweet Wifey and Me Under Fire

Here's what some of the Washington and media elites think of Sweet Wifey and me:

"did not exist at all"
"not really a grass-roots movement"
"some of the wealthiest people in America"
"evil-mongers, spreading lies, innuendo, and rumor"
"a one-time occurrence"
"no big deal"
"worth neither our time nor attention"
"incredibly stupid"
"fueled by conservative talk radio and cable television"
You can tell by our picture that we are an evil, wretched couple!
Sweet Wifey and I are simply average folks who love America, the constitution, pay taxes, have worked for everything we have (no gubment handouts), and are sick and tired of the BS and tyranny that has been foisted upon us by communist president and congress. We're also sick and tired of the spineless, "let's just all get along" Republican establishment that would rather play political games and cross the aisle to work with  Dimocrats than to defend America, freedom, and the Constitution.
We ARE the TEA PARTY movement. There are no ID badges, no membership cards, no wall certificates, no Tea Party telemarketers begging for money, no junk mail with "surveys", no, none of that, and yet we are demonized by the left, the media, and the Republican establishment. 

Today, Tea Party candidates scored in GOP primaries in New York, and Delaware. The left is freaking out, the gubment controlled media is freaking out, and worst of all the Republican establishment is freaking out.

Republicans are running around saying Christine O'Donnell "...can't win! She can't win!"

Who says she can't win? Seems like just a short time ago the same thing was being said of Scott Brown of Massachusetts. Yet he won and took away "Ted Kennedy's seat".

What is really at stake here is the draining of the stinky cesspool of RINOdom. The RINO's can see their end in sight. They are freaking out in a panic. GOOD! They need to go. They are as responsible for the mess this country is in as is Hussein Obama and the communist leaders in congress.

Perhaps some of the tea party candidates will lose in November. That is fine with me. I'd rather go down fighting than to relinquish victory to another squishy RINO. There will be other elections farther down the road. Keep the anger and disgust at a boil until then.

Click HERE to read about all the things they said about me and Sweet Wifey.


  1. The money is rolling in for O'Donnell, her website crashed so many people are trying to donate.

    Says something.

    RINO Rampage.

    Right Truth

  2. GREAT post, Doc! (BTW, I LOVE your sweet wifey's blog...she has GREAT information! For some reason, it takes my computer forever to download it, though...Please pass that information onto her)

    Count me and Jim in the same boat...under fire and loving it! Tell Debbie that I called my Senators (Indiana) today to tell them to vote against the DREAM act...Evan Bayh's line was down too, hopefully with people telling him the same thing. Lugar's aide was less than impressed with me, after I gave him my thoughts on it. LOL But back to last night. HURRAY! And I agree...we may lose in November, but then again we may not! Oh, and by the way...KUDOS to your Titans! My Bengals surely let me down last week, but you guys are off to a GREAT start! Glad we don't play you this year!

  3. No one noticed the big issue with Christine, the big winner yet?

    I will be blogging on that one TODAY for sure.

  4. Thanks Sweetie, Sue, and Ayotli Wahaya. Steve I've heard a lot of "big issues" with Christine. I'm not sure which one you're referring to.