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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wedding Bells

The Morbid Strangers played for a private wedding party last night and everyone had a big time. Next Saturday we're gearing up for the Toy Run at Fatbaby's in Jackson, Tennessee. Hope everyone will have a chance to come out.
Tony and James are "getting down"!
The whole band is "getting down"!
Chubby Sowell is also "getting down"!
The wedding couple, Jerrylynn Gage and wife Marci.
 There was fun for young and old.
We found this old guy wandering around outside snooping through trash cans.

Check out my FLICKR page for all the band pictures. The latest pictures are at the end of the set.

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  1. Here's the direct link to this set of pictures, so folks won't have to go through all 6 sets to get there


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