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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Young Guns Bash Bush

I'm reading that there are some "young guns" in the House of Representatives that are critical of the Bush legacy and say that he betrayed conservative principles.

I could not agree more. Although I like Bush personally, he did a bunch of stuff that I really disliked and in fact still has me scratching my head.

First of all he was a proponent of tax cuts, a good thing, but then he laid the huge prescription drug entitlement on all of us. The media says that the people really like the prescription drug program. Of course they do. Gubment entitlement programs are highly addictive. That's why we can never get rid of them. Where does the Constitution mandate that I should be taxed to pay for someone else's medicine?

I don't blame Bush for getting us into the Iraq war, but I do criticize the way it was prosecuted. That thing should have been finished in no more than 6 months even if it meant killing every Muslim in the country, but that's just me. I'm not big on rules of engagement. I feel the same way about Afghanistan I might add. When it's all said and done, Afghanistan is just a bunch of Muslims that hate us.

Bush really lost me when he proposed amnesty for criminal invaders and I completely turned against him at that point. It is another one of those deals that still makes me scratch my head. If we don't defend our borders we will ultimately not survive. For some reason he along with a bunch of other Republicans just did not get it. Many still don't.

The young guns in congress are right. If the GOP grabs control of the House and hopefully the Senate, we had better see some true, low tax, reduced spending, small gubment, CONSTITUTIONAL conservatism take root. Otherwise, any victory we might enjoy will certainly be short lived. High hopes and conservative enthusiasm will be dashed against Republican mediocrity and the slow slippery slide back into RINOdom and the desire just to "get along" and "do great things" for the American people (ie. pass a bunch of stupid laws that infringe on liberty and freedom).

I am hopeful as I look toward November, but I am very very skeptical.

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  1. The Republicans can still easily screw this up.

    Right Truth