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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Demerol Sandwich

I'll have a Demerol sandwich with a side order of Vicodin with a Phenergan-Percocet shake, and I want it now and I want it for free.

In this week's local newspaper there was an idiot complaining about the ER. He was complaining that those vile people in the ER would not give him his ready to order shot. After all, the ER is like McDonalds, isn't it? You just prance in like you own the damned place and order whatever you want! and unlike McDonalds, they should give it to you for free, right?

Evidently he was angered that the ER doctor instead ordered some tests and charged him a hospital bill. He was griping about other things too, and I do not recall ever seeing this person at any of the hospital board meetings.

I have not seen this person's medical record so I do not know the specifics of the case and I do not know what tests and treatments were ordered. I do know this: If the doctor had just prescribed the requested shot and something had gone wrong, this complaining person would be the first to rush to a lawyer and sue the doctor and the hospital. It is funny to me that no matter how big the slug, they always seem to have a lawyer.

I frequently encounter the same thing:

"Well, Dr. Jones gives me this shot when I am sick."

I counter with, "Well, then, perhaps you should consider making an appointment with Dr. Jones."


  1. Sounds like a typical drug addict trying to make a score but getting the right treatment instead. I wonder how many people addicted to pain killers find themselves in the ER when they run out of pills?

  2. Lot's of them, Findalis. I refuse to accomodate them. I have been cursed and threatened numerous times, but I'm a big boy. I can take it.