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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Failure to Feed the Blog

I been kinda slacking and slouching for the past few days, not many posts. Frankly I am tired of complaining about the idiots in Warshington and such. It gets old. Besides that we have had beautiful fall weather. The water temp has dropped about 10 degrees and TVA has drawn the river stage down to near winter time low. The bass are moving up into shallow water and onto the stumps. Many of the stumps which are normally invisible are out of the water or barely covered and make nice targets for my Balsa B crankbait. So I've mostly been out beating the water and riding the motorcycle when I'm not playing music.

I'll be blogging more when something important pops up or when the crummy winter weather finally gets here. Be patient.



  2. I don't blame you. The foliage is changing and the weather is wonderful for long Autumn walks. If only I had....

  3. Findalis, I have had several nice days of fishing and relaxing. Now if that other guy could only find his pants.