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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Legislating Away the Laws of Physics

Issac Newton explained it when he developed his laws of motion. In his first law of motion he declares that objects in motion will tend to remain in motion. He also declares that the center of mass will move at a CONSTANT speed in a STRAIGHT LINE.

Consider the task of a linebacker, a cornerback, or a safety who's job it is to stop the member of the offense carrying a ball toward the goal line. These defenders are often headed at full speed toward the offender, indeed a CONSTANT speed in a STRAIGHT LINE! Suddenly in a split second they are expected to breakoff or modify the attack in order not to commit an illegal hit. Not only are they at risk of now giving their team a penalty but they now risk being ejected and suspended from games and even being fined large sums of money.

This all started last weekend when there was a flurry of big hits around the NFL resulting in concussions and other assorted injuries. Now I think the league is as usual probably over reacting to a situation. If there had only been a single incident I betcha it the whole thing would have been quickly forgotten, but there were several, so now we have talks of fines and suspensions.

There is no doubt that dirty hits and unnecessary roughness does occur but I am afraid we are coming to the point where players will be punished for simply obeying the laws of physics.

As the march toward the NO FUN LEAGUE continues it seems the management has become obsessed with making sure nobody gets hurt. As far back as I remember, people have gotten hurt playing football. I even remember when I was in high school a player on an opposing team was paralyzed from the neck down. We were all shocked and saddened but things went on and there have been other players injured or even killed playing at all levels of football.

I am sure that all players, especially at the professional level are aware and accept the risks. In like manner, race drivers, skydivers, jockeys, boxers, skiers, and even Olympic players are subject to injury and even death. Anytime a mass is headed at high speed in a straight line there is always risk of bad things happening. It is usually that sudden stop that does the damage.

So if you want no risk I guess we just ought to have chess and checker tournaments, perhaps a friendly game of tiddlywinks or maybe the canasta finals, and lets have a federal gubment ban on everything else.

I say take reasonable precautions but otherwise lettum PLAY! Life without risk is a dull undertaking indeed.


  1. No Tiddlywinks - someone might put out an eye.

  2. A lot of people around here don't even know what Tiddlywinks are, Angie Lee. I had a set of them when I was a kid. I actually got pretty good at it.

  3. I did, too, an ancient set given to me by an even more ancient neighbor. FWIW, I'm only in my 30s.

    Anymore, if it doesn't hook up to an idiot box, don't expect kids to understand it. Heck, even if it DOES, they still might not. My 15-yo was rofl what a piece of crap my Atari 2600 was, something that was totally the CHEEEEESE when I was growing up.

    We'll see who gets the last laugh on that one, though, since mine's actually worth money and his Nintendo and Play Station are nothing but dime-a-dozen crap! After 30 years, mine still works as good as the day it came out of the box. Will his? Nope!