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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Megoliath - Musician's Friend Brings Home the Bacon

Some of you may remember the difficulties I had with Musician's Friend a while back over a MacBook Pro. Well, Paul Christensen with Musician's Friend invited me to call next time I planned on a big purchase and he would do what he could to make things right again.

Look at my new SWR, Megoliath bass cabinet. The monster has eight 10 inch speakers and a high frequency horn. It is rated for 1200 watts continuous power and in spite of it's enormous size, it is quite easy to move around. The other Morbid Strangers liked it as well. Paul made me a helluva a deal, $300 dollars off the catalog price!

Thanks, Paul, for your honesty and your help. Musician's Friend is back in my good graces once again. I really like their website. You can sit there pointing and clicking forever.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't realize you bought it from Musician's Friend. Glad you they are back in your good graces. That was a nice gesture on his part, working with the customer to keep the customer. And to make new customers. Hopefully others will read your kind words and order from them also. $300 off, hate to think what the original price was. Glad the group liked it. Glad you having fun with your hobby.