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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Outraged Over New Taxes! REALLY?

Well our new mayor and new county commissioners have been in office slightly over 2 months and now we have an increase in our property tax and also our wheel tax. These new taxes according to the mayor have been levied to take care of 3/4 million dollars in debt accrued by the county. I have heard that the new mayor had one of those "oh my God" moments when he took over and found bills and invoices stuffed away in drawers and cubby holes. Evidently some of these bills were several years old. I don't have all the facts but I have to wonder how far back these debts go and how many previous administrations are responsible. According to the mayor the additional 20 dollar increase in wheel tax will go solely to retire this debt.

Have you ever noticed when politicians encounter a shortfall they immediately jump to the conclusion that there is a REVENUE problem and the solution is to raise taxes? It seems they never consider that there might be a spending problem and the solution is to CUT, CUT, CUT! This new mayor is a local bidnessman. I wonder how he would have handled a shortfall in his bidness? Would he have tackled people on the street, dragged them into his bidness, and forced them at gunpoint to buy more of his goods and services? I think not. Rather he would have cut his expenditures, downsized, laid off people, etc. to make ends meet. In a similar manner, so should gubment, but NO, it's so easy just to raise taxes.

Across the county there has been outrage over these new taxes. Calls have gone up for impeachment of the mayor and county commissioners. There is also talk of starting a teaparty movement. What is funny is that I have noticed that some of the people railing against the mayor are politicians and former politicians that actually VOTED FOR or supported the creation of the wheel tax several years ago! Funny how things change when the shoe is on the other foot. Indeed they must think the masses have forgotten about this, but, NOT ME....... Fine if you've had a change of heart about taxes, but it's kinda like a former alcoholic now cursing someone else who takes a drink. But now these previous tax creators are OUTRAGED! REALLY? Or could it be because this outrage looks good politically? I just don't know.

The wheel tax we have now was implemented I think back in 2005. This was to pay for a new jail. It was first put before the citizens in the form of a referendum. The referendum was soundly voted down. The mayor at the time and the county commissioners proceeded to vote in the wheel tax anyway. You can imagine a lot of people were really pissed off. It makes me wonder why they had the referendum in the first place. And now some of these same tax raising politicians are OUTRAGED!

I always thought it would be cool if the US Constitution was amended to require new taxes be approved by referendum only. Can you imagine the whining and complaining by politicians if such a thing ever came to pass? IT'LL NEVER HAPPEN!

Nobody axed me about the new jail, but I thought a large field surrounded by electrified barbed wire with some tents and a few wood stoves would suffice. A prison camp much like the one use by sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona I think would be pretty cool (and hotter than 400 hells in the summer). I don't see the rationale of spending a lot of money on a jail. It should be a place to which nobody would wish to return, but that's just me. We, however, have a nice, shiny, state of the art facility funded by wheel tax money.

No doubt I am unhappy about the new taxes, but I'm not yet ready to blast the new mayor into oblivion. I'll let him get over his "oh my God" moment and see over the long haul if he manages to cut waste and spending and bring the budget into line. Whatever happens I don't look forward to a repeal of any of these new taxes. That's the bad thing about taxes, they never expire, only "tax cuts" expire. Have you ever noticed that?

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