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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tattoos Revisited

Ever since I put up my first post on tattoos many months ago I have found that it is the gift that keeps on giving. I still get an occasional flame from people too ashamed to admit they made a bad life choice by getting some hideous emblem permanently emblazoned on their body. Anyway I found this picture that somewhat summarizes the implications of tattoo locations.
Hat tip - Neal Boortz.


  1. Amen to this post and the one you linked to. Tattoos are disgusting. At one point when I was about 12 or so (I was a stupid child) I considered being rebellious and getting a tattoo. Thankfully I passed that phase without getting inked.

    I see friends who have gotten tattoos and wonder how far into the future they've thought about that decision to permanently mark their body. An increase in tattoos, I think, links to a decrease in societal importance on long term acceptance of responsibility. Which equals increased welfare.

    Yay for us.

  2. Thanks Ayotli. The point is not the tattoo but the life decision. I guess similar thinking could apply to choosing to do drugs or choosing to hang out with the wrong people. All decisions in life have consequences.