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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Douglas MacArthur was Right

So the 60 year long Korean War rages on as the little monkey like tin pot dictator, Kim Jong Il attacks our South Korean ally and basically rubs our noses in the whole thing.

Back during the beginning of the Korean War, General Douglas MacArthur (remember him?)  wanted to win the thing and advocated the use of nuclear weapons to prevent Chinese reinforcements from crossing the Yalu River.

Of course Macarthur was fired by Harry Truman. I happen to think that MacArthur was right. If we had just nuked the blue blazes out of them and stopped the thing cold  we would not be putting up with this nonsense now. At that time, there would not really have been much China and Russia could have done about it other than wring their hands and cry foul, so what? Screw'em!

In fact it wouldn't hurt my feelings one damned bit if we just dropped a 1 megaton nuke right in the middle of Pyongyang right now! I really don't think the Chinese or the Russians would be willing to go to war over it.......just more hand wringing, doncha see?

While we're at it, lets just pull all our troops out of Afghanistan (they all hate us anyway) and make that place uninhabitable for the next thousand years too. It would be no big loss......but that's just me.


  1. Indeed - Well said - regards from NY

  2. We indeed have a full sixty years and counting that MacArthur was 100% correct.Truman at best was and still is a misguided idiot.His cabinet did him no favors.FDR will forever stand as our only somewhat competent Democrat!