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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Electoral Up's and Down's

Well last night was indeed a big night for the GOP. They took back the House and they made big gains in the Senate. As with any war you usually lose some of the battles. Sweet wifey and I spent most of the time last night watching some of the 15 or so episodes of Jay Leno we had stored on the DVR and then another exciting episode of Sons of Anarchy, what a GREAT show.
Between recordings we'd listen to Fox News for a few minutes to grab an update.

The Thrill of Victory:

The biggest thrill for me was not just the takeover of the House but the fact that Witch in Charge, Nancy Pelosi, will no longer be speaker. If the GOP had only grabbed a 1 seat majority it would have been worth it just to see her go. I hope they throw a bucket of water on her on the way our the door and watch her melt.

I was also delighted to see Marco Rubio's defeat of Charlie Crist down in Florida. Crist is the most two faced lying scumbag of a politician that I have seen come along in a very long time. He would do or say anything just to get elected. Unfortunately there are a bunch more just like him lurking in the sewers of the Republican establishment. We need to root them out and get rid of them.

The Agony of Defeat
The biggest disappointment for me was the fact that the winged monkey, Harry Reid, managed to hang on to his Senate seat. This guy is a disgrace to the Senate and is a disgrace as an American.

"This war is lost." is a comment he made that put him in the same boat with Hanoi Jane Fonda as far as I am concerned.

It is hard for me to understand how any thinking person could vote for him, but it is what it is. I guess for now he'll stay on as Senate majority leader.......what a joke. Maybe in 2012 we can reduce him to minority status and at the same time remove Hussein Obama.......YEA!

As I was saying on Facebook earlier, "Sons of Anarchy, green apple martinis, and a GOP victory.......good things come in threes!"

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  1. I hear Michele Bachmann is planning to run for the speaker's position, wouldn't that be great.

    Right Truth