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Saturday, November 6, 2010

GROUCH's Gubment Spending Solution

Well, overly tanned speaker-to-be, John Boehner has declared that a first step toward reducing federal gubment spending would be to cut the salaries received by lawmakers.

Although this would make only a microscopic difference in the grand scheme of things I certainly cannot disagree with his idea. In fact I think we ought to put congress under the same rules that hospitals are forced to play under by Medicare, notably "pay for performance". Hospitals are required to meet all sorts of quality rules and criteria. Those that "perform" are paid more. Those that fall short are punished and penalized.

In the case of congress it seems that based on their performance, they should be required to PAY US if they want to stay in Warshington and pass stupid intrusive laws. PAY FOR PERFORMANCE!

Alas I digress...... Remember last winter when there was a big snow storm in Warshington DC? As I recall, for a period of time, all "nonessential" gubment employees were told to stay home until the snow storm was over. Well in my attempt to reduce gubment spending, it only makes sense to me that these "nonessential" gubment employees should be told to stay home PERMANENTLY!

After all, they are nonessential aren't they? Times are tough. The gubment has no money. Why do we continue to pay them? Give them the boot and tell them to go find real jobs. I could easily apply the same logic at the state and local level.

Yes, I am a cruel, heartless, SOB of a fiscal conservative.

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  1. Starting with the salaries of politicians is a good thing, it makes a statement, but what they need to do is cut complete departments, cabinet members, and all of the czars. When they do this I will believe they are really serious. Start with the czars.

    Right Truth