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Monday, November 1, 2010

Hopelessly Addicted to Facebook

Ok, I am a Facebook user. I have 122 friends. Most of these people I know pretty well, usually from work, ham radio, or music. Others I don't know so well. They just wanted to be my friend for some reason. A few others are friends of friends. I don't really know them at all. Once in a while I get a request from someone wanting me to go watch their latest nekkid pictures and videos. I always send them an email axing them if I know them and why do they want to be my friend.

My main activity with Facebook, as it is with blogging, is to hurl pithy comments and to occasionally seek out people who are wound up way to tightly and take life way too seriously. I always love encountering those who live to be offended.

During football yesterday I was watching the computer screen. One of my Facebook friends came on and announced in a rather lengthy comment that she had homework tomorrow and she just did not know if she was going to be able to get it done.

I could not help myself so I pointed out to her that if she spent less time typing on Facebook, she would have more time to do her homework.

In a few minutes another person (not a friend) chimed in and declared she had a Spanish test and had not had time to crack a book, yet she was busy typing away on Facebook. Then right after that a third person (not a friend) also declared she had not done her homework. (Apparently these three hens are all in school somewhere together).

I again pointed out to all of them that they would have plenty of time for their assignments if not gleefully typing away on Facebook.

The non-friend with the Spanish test at that point got a bit huffy with me and accused me of also wasting time on Facebook. She also justified her existence on Facebook by declaring she always made A's on her Spanish tests (like I cared). AH HA! I found one of those tightly wound people to pick on! Oh joy!

I proceeded to tell her that unlike she, I was RICH, FAMOUS, HANDSOME, and a ROCKSTAR, and had no homework, so why did I need to do anything else?

At this point the original friend came to the rescue and pointed out to everyone else that I was crazy and just trying to purposely stir up trouble. I could not argue with this. She went on to declare that in spite of her need to do homework, she just couldn't break herself away from Facebook cause she just had to "catch up with the gossip".

So what is it with this Facebook thing? Are some people evidently so addicted that they would risk not doing their homework or studying for a test for fear of missing out on something on the computer? Who knows what other important things go undone because of Facebook?
I am not on Twitter but I have heard of people "tweating" their every move during the day, from the time they get up until the lay down at night. Why would anyone want to know this stuff or even want to share it? Some of the stuff I see on Facebook is about as bad. I have seen things like people complaining about the weather, followed by a LOL (laughing out loud). Are they REALLY laughing out loud cause they don't like the weather? Very few things I see on the internet make me want to laugh out loud.

I saw a post one day where some gal and her small daughter were watching a video about abused children. She said they were both "crying" over the video and of course she wanted all of her friends to watch it too. I'm thinking, "If this made you and your daughter cry, why would you wanna watch it? Why would you want your friends to watch it?"

So there ya go. Facebook addiction! I guess Barack and the gubment will sooner or later come out with a law banning it! LOL!


  1. Well, LOL, I am afraid in the other direction. I firmly believe that Facebook is a Dimocratic, conservative ploy to find out everything they can about the American Public!

  2. Pot meet kettle. You spend quite a bit of time on FaceBook yourself. I don't get it myself. I never post anything on FaceBook. I have TypePad automatically post excerpts of my articles from Right Truth to FaceBook and to Twitter. I don't personally Tweet anything. You might want to get a Twitter account and simply Tweet your articles from Grouch.

    Right Truth

  3. Dimocratic? Conservative? An oxymoron, Lizzurd.

    I like Facebook sugar dumpling. Mainly I like throwing darts at the "friends". Sorry to be a burden.

  4. No burden, for many it is the main way they keep in touch, even over email. There are a lot of kooks out there though. I hate the "farmville, poke, etc." stuff. I don't want any of their farm animals, your flowers, your hearts, your whatevers, unless they are REAL, heh.

  5. Yeah, I got all that Farmville, Hearts, Flowers junque blocked out. I also ignore "requests". All that stuff is a big waste-o-time.

  6. Wasn't an oxymoron, deliberate. Anyhow, my chilluns like it and I stay around just to hab an easy way of communicatin wid them. But, neber mind. Have a gudun!

  7. No need to get KURT Lizzard. I been thinking about sending friend requests to all yer chillun, but I prolly would get tired of all the cursing. All of them are humorless you know.