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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moss is a Titan

Well I think the Tennessee Titans took a big leap in their recent acquisition of wide receiver, Randy Moss. I guess he's pretty good......948 receptions, 14778 yards, 153 TD's.... not too shabby. He seems to be one of those guys who you just send out, lay the ball up there, and much of the time he'll make the catch against all odds.

I know Moss has the reputation of being somewhat of a smartass. Tennessee has had their share of those in the likes of Pacman Jones and Albert Haynesworth. Will he work out? Time will tell.

The Titans have the potential to really be great. They have the best running back in the game, Chris Johnson, and his backup Javon Ringer is pretty dang good too. Wide receiver, Kenny Britt, had an outstanding performance 2 weekends ago but now is plagued with hamstring problems. Enter Randy Moss.

I dunno if he'll make it with the Titans or not. They have a bye week coming up and a little extra time to work with him. I just have a sneeking suspicion we may be in for some excitement.


  1. I hope he works out and they do well this season.


  2. I think Moss is a good addition to your team this year. Hopefully, he won't see it as a step down and act accordingly. (no offense to the Titans!) Pacman is working out pretty good for us so far...Don't know what the heck is going on with my team. I sure had High Hopes (as I always do) at the beginning of the year...Can't blame it on TO and Ocho's reality show aspirations...They can't catch it if it isn't thrown right. GAHHHHHH! :(

    Hope the Titans go far this year!

  3. What the heck does this ex-Bengal know???


  4. Sue, I am very sorry your Bengals are not working out so hot this year. I am anxious to see how the Titans play against the Dolphins this weekend. They will probably have the asses handed to them.....sigh.