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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quarterback Soup

Boy the Titans-Dolphins game today was probably one of the ugliest games I ever watched. The Titans put on a very anemic performance in their 29-17 loss to Miami. Kerry Collins went out early with an injury and Vince Young just did not look sharp at all. The big news of the week, Randy Moss, only caught one pass for 26 yards. Yeah, I know, Moss has only been there a week and Young has essentially had no practice time with him.......sigh.

I really did not expect Randy Moss would break any records at first. It was my hope that he would take some of the focus away from Chris Johnson and in fact, Johnson had a 117 yard performance, but it wasn't enough. The most embarrassing thing is that the fish beat the Titans defense with their 3rd string quarterback. Chad Pennington and Chad Henne both went out with injuries leaving the Dolphins with Tyler Thigpen who I think under the circumstances was outstanding. Quarterbacks were dropping like flies today in Miami.

The Colts won today which puts them in first place in the AFC South. The Titans fall to 5-4 and are tied for second place with Jacksonville. Boy this is not the time of year for the Titans to be playing ugly. If they expect to make the playoffs I'm thinking they are going to have to plan on winning their division. After looking at the rest of the standings in the AFC, I'm thinking the possibility of a wild card spot is not likely.

Things just got a lot tougher in Nashville today. They play the Redskins at home next Sunday. I'm hoping they get things together by then.

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  1. You thought that was a bad game, until you saw last night's game between Michael Vick and Donavan McNabb.