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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Remembering the Cabana Theater

There used to be a place in Jackson, TN. called the Cabana Theater. The neat thing about the Cabana was that it is the only theater I have ever seen or been to that had PRIVATE box seating. In fact this was where my Sweetie and I went on our very first date. She suggested it, REALLY!

There we were, all alone, watching a dumb Beatles movie called Concert for Bangladesh. I must admit I was watching her mile long legs the whole time and I don't really remember anything about the movie. There was an intercom on the wall and you could order concessions from down below and they would bringum right up.

Down in the bottom of the building there was general seating just like a regular theater (a reduced price of course). It only had a single screen unlike the multiscreen cinemas today, so you were stuck with whatever movie was showing.

Eventually the Cabana closed its doors and the building was even torn down. There is no trace of it today. An O'Charley's sits where the Cabana once stood.

I have never seen or heard of another place like the Cabana. I can't understand why it went away. I mean I could envision building a multiscreen theater with private box seating. It is the next best thing to going to the drive in with your sexy girl, except the windows don't fog up, and you don't get cold in the winter.

So what about this? Is this a good idea? Has anyone else ever heard of or been to a similar theater?


  1. I thought it was a great idea, and so did you. I'm sure that you didn't see any of the movie,.....

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Right Truth

  2. Best thang about the Cabana was you.

  3. Oh yes! I loved loved loved the Cabana. Some of my best memories of dates were there! Anyone that missed that experience has really missed an amazing date. It still conjures up giddy feelings with my memories!