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Monday, November 1, 2010

Republicans, Just Like a Bunch of Unruly Children

I just hate unruly children. Sweet Wifey and I really hate it when we go in a restaurant and there are a buncha little screaming kids at the next table, squalling, screaming, spitting. It is not conducive to good digestion. Lately we will shamelessly ask for another table when we encounter such nonsense.
The usual cause of this is because the parents are too stupid or wimpy to discipline the little curtain climbers. And by discipline I don't mean a "time out" or trying to reason with them, I mean SMACK! SMACK them into the middle of next week. It worked for me when I was a kid and right away I knew how to act.

It seems like tomorrow will be a big day for Republicans. Most everyone save for a few delusional Dimocrats are admitting the GOP will easily take control of the House of Representatives. They may get lucky and grab the Senate as well. Whatever happens the job of the teaparty crowd will not be over after November 2. In fact I have a feeling that we're gonna have to keep especially the incumbent Republicans and probably most of the newly elected Republicans on very short leashes and like unruly children most likely SMACK the #$@% out of them each and every day.

I have already heard rumblings from the GOP of nonsense like, "working with Obama", "including the Dimocrats", "getting things done for the American people" etc. etc. You've heard it too.

Well, I'm sick of it. Obama and the Dimocrats have done nothing for the last 2 years but try and destroy the fabric of this country and rule against the will of the people. The time for civility is over. This is political war. The Dimocrats should be shut out and excluded at every opportunity. Any Republican that crosses the aisle should be immediately slapped down and voted out at the next opportunity and replaced with a conservative.

I am hopeful the very first thing the new congress does is to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Then on a weekly if not a daily basis, bills to repeal Obamacare should be sent up. Let the Dimocrats in the House vote against it. Let the Dimocrats in the Senate filibuster. Let Hussein Obama veto the repeal. Make their actions public. Hammer them each and every day. Keep proposing and sending the bills relentlessly. Give them not a moment's rest. In the meantime refuse to fund any of the socialist measures already in place. Keep this up until Obama is finally gone.

No more RINOs! Smack them down like unruly children, EVERY DAMNED DAY! Let them know we are watching and paying attention!

Is anyone with me?


  1. Way I understand it, it's too late - at least temporarily - even if they extend the tax cuts in November. IRS withholding tables for 2011 needed to be prepared and distributed and Nancy made sure no vote was allowed before recess. And by now they realize it's too late and don't really give a crap, so nothing will be done in November, either. That leaves it up to the new Republican House - and who really believes a Dummycrap-controlled Senate and White House are going to go along with anything the Republicans have to say, when they will be too busy sulking after the thumping they get at the ballot box tomorrow? (Provided, of course, they don't Franken all the close races, which wouldn't surprise me in the least.)

    I've already planned my budget out for the next 6 months (something Congress is utterly incapable of doing, as we've all seen), and planned the extra $200+ per month less for additional withholding from my first job and the additional extra few hundred a month from my self-employment income. You know, the 120 hours or so a week I have to work so that the fruits of my labor can be spread around to those unwilling to work even 40. Or 20. Or anything at all.

  2. I'm hoping the TEA party will keep them in line.

    Right Truth

  3. Angie Lee, even if the extension does not happen it could be done in 2011 and the benefits made retroactive. Would Obama veto such a thing? Probably, fine, pound him with it in 2012. Would the Dems in the Senate filibuster it? Less likely I think, they will be running scared in 2012.

    You are wise to plan for the worst case scenario.

    I hope you are right sweet pea.