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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rub our Noses in It

Nothing like a big fresh pile! Ahhhh the steam coming off of it! The green flies swarming! And oh that heavenly aroma! And then someone comes along and tries to rub our nose in it!

What is so damned important in India that Imam in Chief, Hussein Obama has to spend 200 million dollars per day of our money to go there? Why does he have to stay in the Taj Hotel? Motel 6 would do just fine doncha think? Why does he need to take 34 warships?

What is it he is going to do when he gets there? Here's one article stating the trip will improve "strategic ties" between the two countries.

GREAT! So I guess we can look forward to improved "technical supports" after his visit.

Does anyone really think that Obama actually "got it" after the election Tuesday? 200 million dollars per day......sigh.............boy I could buy a lot of fishing stuff and guitars with that kind of loot.

Why don't you make a real important first step toward cutting spending, Mr. President? STAY HOME!