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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


There's no doubt about it. One of life's greatest pleasures is a big powerful sneeze!
A sneeze is the body's way of relieving the nasal passages of some kind of irritant or allergen and I believe in helping the body any way I possibly can. I think sneezes should be big and powerful. They should rattle the windows and shake the earth!

Some people, especially women like sweet Wifey, think they need to stifle their sneezes. Indeed they make a sound akin to a wounded puppy when they finally let it go. Not me! I especially like to go outside to sneeze and just let it go full force, bending over during the blast and spraying all the leaves and trees! Ah what relief! A few times I sneezed so hard I could swear there was gray matter on the ground and once I was sure I had popped out an eyeball! I have from time to time likened my sneezes to volcanic eruptions like Mt. St. Helens or atomic blasts like Ivy Mike or Tsar Bomba, without the radiation of course!

Naturally too much of anything can be bad and I can attest to the fact that I have had a sneezing problem all my life, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, whatever you want to call it. Anyway, I do use a device cause a Nasonex inhaler. Without the inhaler I used to sneeze maybe a hundred or so times per day. I must admit this does get annoying. With the inhaler I usually have only 5 or 6 big powerful explosions daily. I have found that using the inhaler about three times a week keeps things under control.

I was reading about sneezing. In ancient Greece sneezing was thought to be a good omen and a prophetic sign from the gods.

In Europe during the middle ages, life was tied to breath and it was thought that sneezing shortened ones life. Hence the sneezer was given a passionate "God bless you" by the people of the time since many thought the poor soul had little time to live. Also the word EXPIRE originally meant EXHALE and somehow there became a correlation between death (expire) and sneezing.

East Asian cultures perceived sneezes as a sign someone was talking about the person behind their back. They further embellished upon this:

1 sneeze - something good is being said.
2 sneezes - something bad is being said.
3 sneezes - that person is in love.
Multiple sneezes - they are catching a cold, go figure!

Whatever your thoughts about sneezing I say enjoy life! Sneeze loudly, proudly, and to the fullest!

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