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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Something Stinks

So just what was that mysterious plume off the Southern California coast? There has been speculation from many that is was a missle, but NASA and the Pentagon say no, it was most likely a plane.

I'm looking at these pictures and I gotta say that if it's a plane it is certainly flying in the most unusual of attitudes, like almost straight up!

Last time I checked there are very few planes that can fly straight up. Maybe an F-15 or an F-16, but certainly not an airliner. And it seems like I remember someone saying there was no radar evidence of planes in the area.

In the area are two islands, San Clemente and San Nicolas Islands. Both are owned by the US Navy and both have been used as weapons and missile test facilities. Hmmmmm.

Now you know I don't trust the gubment just one little bit and I just am not buying the argument of a plane. I've seem lots of contrails in my 58 years, and I'm telling you, that's no contrail.

So what is it? I have a few ideas:

1. Some type of ACCIDENTAL launch by our friendly US Navy. Perhaps something of such a nature that the gubment wants to cover it up.

2. An actual test by our military of some type of weapon. I find this explanation a lot less likely than the first. If it were some kind of big secret, why would they have launched it where they did?

3. AND THIS IS THE MOST LIKELY SCENARIO! A submarine launched missile by a foreign gubment, launched near our territorial waters in an area where it could be easily seen, JUST TO EMBARRASS US AND JUST TO PISS US OFF! Who could do this? The Russians? The Chinese? I even thought about the North Koreans. Does North Korea have such a submarine? Do we really know?

Of course our gubment is denying it is a missile. They don't want to admit a sub could slip in so close. So suppose this was a North Korean sub. We think North Korea has a few nukes. Think of the implications to our national security. Scary huh?

Ok, think I'm nuts? Got any better ideas?


  1. It was the TARDIS. Best explanation for it yet.

  2. From blogger friend A.C. in Memphis, there has been another such event near New York. Also I think I told you in November 2009 there was an exact event in the same area, no excuse offered by the government, but it was believed to be a missile:


    Right Truth

  3. I saw the New York pics but I could not make much of it. Hard to tell.

  4. The NY pics are more interesting to me, since I'm convinced the California event was an aircraft contrail that fooled everyone due to parallax, weather conds, and time of day.

    But before you bash consider that I also believe TWA 800 was a cover-up (and it involved a missile sighting as well).. The thing in NY is also hard to explain if it's not a meteor.

  5. No bashing from me, A.C. I have no proof of anything to do with the California plume, the New York streak, or Flight 800. I simply speculate. I have always thought the flight 800 thing was way way fishy.

  6. Hi Grouch,

    I've witnessed both missile launches at sea and, obviously, watch aircraft contrails all day long. I'm inclined towards the latter.

    Just like the "Phoenix Lights" of a few years ago, what taints any analysis is that no one knows how far away this object really is.

    The first rule in analysis is that the human mind will ALWAYS retreat to what it feels comfortable with. Because something going across the sky (again, from my missile test experience) looks like it's actually going UP, most people assume that to be the case. Also, because it looks more like a missile than an airplane, our minds come at the same conclusion.

    My sources say that it was an aircraft (no subs in area, no missile ships, etc.) and I'm inclined to agree. Missile economics dictate against course alterations while in flight (even MIRVs aren't that great).

  7. Sorry, RJ. I'm sticking to my original assessment. I do after all have magical and mystical powers.

  8. anyway we evaluate this IT IS STILL A PROBLEM...either explanation could be valid and that's where we are at ! I wonder if the science people can use the video to form a computer model and project the the path according to the angles of the horizon and heigth so as to provide a series of hypotheses as to its beginning location (airborne or surface) and how those would have tracked. It seems to me that the real problem is NO ONE IS ANSWERING which with our current government attitude means they don't want us to know ! Therefore we need to find out. Should be some patriot science peole out there working on this scenario somewhere.