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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Your Empty Pockets are not Our Problem

Imagine that today when you went into to work your boss called you into the office and said, "We are installing a new computer system and we're not going to pay you for about a month."

In shock you reply, "But I have bills to pay. What am I supposed to do?"

"Sorry, that's not my problem." declares your boss.

Now I would suppose that a boss in the real world could not get away with such a thing. I would imagine the labor relations board or some such organization would be all over him.

Unfortunately, hospitals across the US, held hostage by Medicare and its onerous thievery and regulations have no such protection. This month Medicare has declared that they will be upgrading their computer systems and will not be paying claims for the first part of this month and will resume "slow" payment for the remainder of the month.

Our small hospital which relies on Medicare for about 80 percent of its revenue will essentially receive little if any income for the entire month, yet the bills still have to be paid.

Of course we have no recourse and the hospital has been forced to make even more cuts and stash money away in advance to pay the bills until the period of drought is over. Somehow in the land of freedom and liberty this just really stinks. Call your congressman and senators and complain.


  1. There's nothing fair about this, but it's the government, when have they ever been fair.

    Right Truth

  2. Hey Doc and Deb...

    Have you seen this video? This is the link to my blogging buddy, Z's, post about healthcare. This is a doctor speaking...


  3. Thanks for the heads up, Sue. I posted the video at my place with credits to you and GeeeZ. I am sure several of my readers will be interested.