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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Enemy at the Gates

Life and politics can be frustrating. The lame duck congress is now arguing over extending the Bush tax cuts which should more properly be framed a not heaping a tax increase on struggling Americans at the beginning of 2011. Even a few Dimocrats have finally admitted what we have known all along, that any tax increases in the midst of a recession will make things a lot worse.

Seems that even after the huge Republican victory in November that things are slowly but surely settling back to "politics as usual". Attached to the bill to extend tax cuts for the next 2 years we find amendments to also extend unemployment benefits (translated: paying people not to work), and lots and lots of spending, pet projects, and pork. It seems the Republicans for the most part are willing to happily go along for the ride, spending even more money we do not have.

Sweet Wifey did a nice post on this yesterday. Go HERE to read it.

Why can't we just have a bill to make the Bush tax cut PERMANENT? No amendments, no deals, no negotiations, no added pet projects, no pork barrel spending, just a straight up or down vote! Then after that, have another bill to create additional tax cuts for EVERYBODY, PERMANENTLY! Huh?
I am not sure how the subject came up yesterday but wifey and I were talking about the enemies of the United States and somehow we both came to the conclusion that Warshington DC. is an enemy of the people. As much of an enemy as Islam, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, or Feudal Japan.

Wifey said that it just seems to her that it is always us against them. In fact I have felt that way for a long time. As I frequently say, I can't remember for the longest when they have done anything good for us. Instead, the take our money, waste it, and intrude further and further on our lives. Indeed, the real war is the American people against the gubment in Warshington.

And after all that happened in November, they still don't get it, not even the Republicans. Sad, so sad. I am afraid we're headed either for the fall of the United States or a replacement of the federal gubment by a forceful uprising. I pray for the later.


  1. Killer. Keep it up, dude. We'll win this battle yet. God bless.

  2. Fellow bassist, I love that Hitler pic! It's now my wallpaper!

    Hope you are still jamming!

  3. You know I agree with you. I still have hope for January when the new TEA party and Conservative candidates can actually have a say in Washington. If they don't follow through, there is really going to be a huge divide in this country. People are going to be very angry and disappointed. It would not surprise me at all if a real division in this country once again, sadly, leads to an actual split.

    Right Truth

  4. Glad y'all liked my post. Steve, spread my picture around if you wanna.