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Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Gubment Freedom Erosion

How many times have I asked this:

When has the gubment passed a law that did you any good? Think! Think! Yeah, I know. It's hard to come up with anything. Most of what they do ends up being something stupid and intrusive.

Well now thanks to congresswoman Anna Eshoo (gesundheit) DIMOCRAT California, we're gonna have congress regulating the volume of our television sets. Apparently Eshoo (gesundheit) was offended by the loudness of TV commercials over regular programming stating the commercials just "blew her out of the house" while watching TV set to already high volume with her parents. I am assuming the seniors were hard of hearing.

You can go read the rest of this ridiculous article HERE.

So because of this, she's gonna have the United States congress take it upon themselves to regulate the volume of TV commercials. Ms. Eshoo (gesundheit), what bidness is it of yours how loud a television set is? Ms. Eshoo (gesundheit), why are you wasting the time and money of the American taxpayer dabbling in such nonsensical BS when you ought to be paying attention to important stuff like permenent tax cuts for all and job creation? Ms. Eshoo please just mind your own damned bidness and leave the rest of us alone. If the old folks can't hear the TV and you don't wanna turn it up, gettum a set of headphones. GEEZ!

Where in the Constitution is the federal gubment empowered to regulate TV set volume? WHERE?

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