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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Perhaps the Ho Hum Story of the Year

It's official! Long dead Doors lead singer, Jim Morrison, has been pardoned of indecent exposure charges in Florida. The pardon came by none other than the two faced, liar, politician, Charlie Crist who had been interested in Morrison's case since 2007. This is perhaps Crist's last decent act as Florida gubner.

Way back in 1969 (bible times) Morrison was charged with indecent exposure for allegedly showing his junk on stage. If he were around today, he could show his junk at airports!  His band members deny it and apparently others do to! He received a $500 dollar fine and a 6 month jail term but died of an apparent drug overdose in Paris in 1971 before he could atone for his crime.

Anyway, this story ranks right up there with the "is Oprah gay" controversy. Who gives a SH*T?

The guy has only been dead for nearly 40 years. Oh I hate it that he died. I remember the first time I ever heard "Light My Fire". What a great and timeless song! I was absolutely captivated and have loved the Doors ever since.

Of course his premature death was due to drugs and many bad decisions. I have to imagine the music that we might have had, had he lived, but those songs that never were and never will be are lost to that unfortunate twist of fate, so sad.

So what if he did show his junk on stage? Who cares?


  1. Anyway, this story ranks right up there with the "is Oprah gay" controversy. Who gives a SH*T?

    You have that right. Who cares? I mean really, this is all such a waste of mortal time. And I hate how the word "gay" has been transposed to mean lesbian or some other immoral and obscene way of life. "GAY" - the original meaning is happy.

    The BIG "O" is a miserable b*tch and needs to help the ghetto she came from and stop trying to hob nob with the rich and famous. I always thought she made a fool out of herself. What a hypocrite.

    As for your write-up, it is sad considering what was lost, but to me the saddest loss was that of the 30 year anniversary of John Lennon's killing. Now to me that was a true loss of a musical genius next to Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

    Well, all I can say is R.I.P. and that big "O" just needs to shut the h*ll up. Who cares, yah, who the h*ll cares.

  2. Browsing blogger is interesting. I will have to bookmark this site. Finally someone that is not afraid to speak the truth - rare nowadays. You have guts. I still have to say my say so anonymously. If my job found out I was commenting on blogs I would probably be fired in our now nanny/nazi states and state of affairs.

  3. I have difficulty dialoging with anonymous posters. It would be no big deal to get a gmail account with some kind of unrecognizable alias. That way I would know who I was talking to.