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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Right to be an Offensive Bigot

Here's a just precious story from Idaho. Mark Eliseuson of Hayden, Idaho, was making a statement, I guess, or maybe he was just being funny when he erected a 10 foot snowman reminiscent of a Ku Klux Klansman holding a noose.

Apparently his neighbors were "appalled" and Eliseuson was told that he could be charged with the crime of creating a public nuisance. The Idaho law defines nuisance as "anything offensive to the senses".

Well now, doesn't that just open up a can of worms? Now just who decides what is and is not "offensive to the senses"? What if I put a half dozen black faced gnomes in my front yard? Would that be offensive? What about flying a Confederate battle flag? Offensive to the senses? Says who? What if the neighbors banded together one day and decided my green truck was offensive?

If I drove by a neighbor's house and saw a 10 foot tall Klansman, my first response would be a WTF! (What the f*ck!) and then a LOL (Laugh Out Loud). Appalled would not be one of my emotions. Would I complain to the cops? No! Would I think the guy was a jerk? Definitely! But then I would go on about my bidness. Perhaps I've grown too old and calloused to be offended anymore.

If we're gonna have true freedom, every now and then we're gonna have to overlook and put up with stupid and offensive behavior. When we start letting politicians decide what is "offensive to the senses" then we open the door to the erosion of our freedoms, slowly but surely.

You can bet your sweet ass if Eliseuson had built a 10 foot tall Mohammed snowman, nobody would have said a thing! NOT ONE DAMNED WORD!


  1. As usual, you are correct.

    Right Truth

  2. Well how fitting and true. But no one has the guts to build a "Mohammed" snowman. Now the guy who built the KKK snowman is either 1) nutz or 2) has a sick sense of humor. It may be in bad taste and I would never do that, but you are right, this is the land of the free, so why is the free part missing? Oh yah, assholes cannot think - they do not ever want peace. This is a good example of just plain wanting to make trouble. What a joke, but on who? The nut that built it, the cops, the people that complained and called the cops? Shit this is so stupid. People do not know what arguments to fight, that is the problem. I don't know. I have no right or wrong answers. I know I would not of done that, but I also know I would not call the cops I just would ignore the stupid shit.