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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Unnecessary Ambulance Calls

Sweet wifey just posted an article on 911 calls. Go HERE to read all of it. Her perception and observation is that there are way too many unnecessary 911 calls and ambulance dispatches in our small county.

Many of the "unnecessary" 911 calls are often originated by someone other than the patient. Frequently a family member or even perhaps a bystander will panic and call 911 over something that appears to them to be an emergency. When the ambulance arrives, the patient, who may have dealt with their "emergency" condition before realizes that the ambulance is not necessary and declines service.

Police may the the source of some 911 calls. They tend to take a safe rather than sorry approach to dispatching EMS to the scene of a wreck. Many times it turns out that injuries are very minor or there are no injuries at all. Some cops are better than others at assessing injuries. In our county, helicopters are often dispatched by the responding EMS people before they actually arrive. If they perceive they are responding to a wreck with potential critical injuries they may ask for a helicopter. If it turns out that the injuries are not so serious, the helicopter may be called off. Most of the time wrecks are called in to 911 by laypersons with no training. Sometimes panic is the norm and they are able to give little useful information to the 911 operator.

Sometimes ambulances are dispatched as a matter of convenience. Grandma has been sick for a week. Suddenly the visiting home health nurse decides that Grandma's week long sickness is an emergency and calls 911. It has been an amazement to me that they rarely ever suggest to the family an appointment with Grandma's family doctor. Sometimes families are to blame. Thinking people might have taken Grandma to the doctor days ago. Non-thinking people may let Grandma lay at home until her minor illness actually becomes an emergency.

All too frequently 911 calls are made for stupid reasons and by people who are impaired by drugs and/or alcohol. I know paramedics can get rather disgusted when they go lights and sirens to a scene only to find a slobbering drunk.

I have to agree that many ambulance calls are unnecessary. I am not sure what the exact answer is to reducing these calls. More times than not PANIC is the cause. If you have a room full of people and one or two of them start screaming and wringing their hands, more times than not, the whole room full will end up screaming and wringing their hands.

Panic is contagious. I tell my staff here at the ER that no matter how bad the situation, to keep a cool head and never let on that they are excited or upset. It always works out better that way.

Indecisive, Dishonest, no Priorities!

Each and every year in May, I go to the Dayton Hamvention. I think the last time I didn't go was in 1995. This past May, after the Hamvention was over, if you had asked me what I was going to be doing in May 2011, I would without hesitation have told you that I would be going to the Dayton Hamvention.

It's really funny but on many occasions, I have asked other people (ham radio operators) if they are going to the Dayton Hamvention next year. The response I frequently get is this:

"Welllllllll, I just don't know what I might be doing in May of next year. I'd like to go but I just don't know."

I will in return reply, "Well, next May I am going to the Dayton Hamvention. If anything else comes up, I'll either miss it or it will have to wait."

And this pretty much includes things such as graduation ceremonies (those frequently happen in May), weddings, funerals, Mother's Day events (my mother is dead but I would still go to Dayton if she were alive), other various and sundry celebrations. I figure if people can't plan their events on a weekend other than the Dayton Hamvention, then they won't see me there, it's that simple. Don't even think about dying. I won't be at your funeral. I don't believe in funerals anyway.

Now, really and truly, the people that hem and haw about going to Dayton really don't want to go. Some of them are afraid they might have to spend a little money, although I usually spend very little at Dayton. Some of them know that their wives won't let them go and are simply afraid to admit it. Others claim they have to work, but let's face it, a year in advance, most people should be able to arrange time off from work for a single weekend.

Basically what we are dealing with here is indecisiveness and dishonesty. Why not just say, "I really don't want to go to Dayton. It doesn't interest me that much." or "I am pussy whipped. My wife won't let me go!" It's not that tough just to tell the truth, although I know it's tough to admit you're pussy whipped.

Frequently, I'll invite people on Facebook or in person to attend live shows by the band, the Morbid Strangers. What I frequently hear is, "Wellllll, I would really like to come. I just don't know what might be going on Saredee night."

C'mon, if you REALLY wanted to come you would come! Just say, "Sorry, I have other plans." or "The band sucks, I don't wanna come."

I don't ever remember seeing anyone that said they would "really like to come". They NEVER come.

A frequent excuse often has something to do with their children. People like to hide behind their kids. As far as I am concerned, people should have puppies rather than children. The amount of personal time one has to surrender in the name of kids is just not worth it.......but that's just me. Yes! I am a selfish bastard!

One of the most outrageous excuses I ever heard was from a ham radio operator who declined an invitation to a ham radio meeting. I was told by this particular person that he would not be able to find a babysitter. The funny thing was that this was going to be a Thanksgiving meeting in November. The invitation was made to this ham operator in JULY! Now I guess this person really expected me to believe that it would be impossible to find a baby sitter in 4 MONTHS? On the other hand, perhaps his kids were such little sh*ts that NOBODY would volunteer to watch them, which brings me back to my declaration of having puppies instead of children. We finally decided that this ham operator's wife was the culprit and would not let him attend. He later divorced his wife..............or she divorced him..............I'm not sure exactly how it was.

As for me, sweet Wifey, she is so sweet, will tell you that if I wanna do something, I'm gonna do it, and just about the only thing that is going to foil my plans is either death or a hospital stay. On the other hand, I have never been one to sugar coat stuff just to make other people feel better. If someone asks me to do something that is not my cup of tea, rather than do a lengthy song and dance, I'll just say, "Thanks but no thanks!"

It's better just to make a quick and firm decision than to wallow aimlessly in excuses. I know plenty of people that cannot make a decision to save their lives and this really bugs me. I guess my profession demands that I make decisions and run with them, but some people out there are really wimpy thangs!

Life is too short for dishonesty and indecision!


Before the Fatman gig last night, The MORBID STRANGERS took time out for a photo shoot. After all we're working on a new and hopefully professional looking website and we needed some up to date pictures. Here are a few of them:
The whole band! Handsome devils!
Tennessee River, keeps on rolling.............
Guy Barber:
Lead guitar, vocals

James Cannon:
Lead vocals
Tony Hensley:
Lead guitar, bass, vocals, Larry the Cable Guy impersonator.
Scotty Raymer:
Rhythm guitar, bass, vocals, our WEBMASTER
Tommy "Chubby" Sowell:
Drums. Also in charge of MADNESS and MAYHEM.
Bass, keyboards, vocals.

Scotty will have access to all these photos plus many more and will continue constructing our website. Check THERE often.

The FATMAN was Rocking Again

Those MORBID STRANGERS had a rocking good time at the FATMAN last night. The whole place was quaking and shaking! Thanks to all that came out and if you just sat at home taking your own pulse or entertaining dull company, then you missed a great time. Our friend, Mike Overby, had a birthday and was there to celebrate as well. Here's some pictures:
Check out my FLICKR page for more band photos. The most recent photos are at the end of the set.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Neal Boortz Vs. Kahlid The Muslim

Sweet Wifey sent me this and it's just too good not to post. I remember the first time I heard Neal Boortz. I was driving either through the Florida panhandle or in south Alabama and looking for talk radio stations. I came upon this particular voice and after about 5 minutes of listening I was thinking this was the most brutal, arrogant, insulting SOB I had ever heard on the radio. JUST MY KIND OF GUY! It was Neal Boortz. I can't get his program here but I have streamed him from WSB in Atlanta from time to time and I visit his webpage frequently and subscribe to his newsletter.

Here is Boortz confronting Kahlid the Muslim. This is NOT unusual. This is TYPICAL Boortz. If you have tender sensibilities and wear your feelings on your sleeve, Boortz will not be your cup of tea. Kinda like the GROUCH AT RIGHT TRUTH!

Trouble with the Hired Help?

We already know the Saudis, like most Muslims, have no problem with barbaric practices. Next time one of your hired workers like a maid misbehaves and complains of the work being too hard, teach her a lesson. Just drive nails into her extremities.

Evidently this is exactly what happened to a Sri Lankan woman who complained to her Saudi employers about her heavy workload. Get a load of the xrays at the right.

I don't know what religion the Sri Lankan woman was but according to the CIA World Factbook, most Sri Lankans are Buddists. I wonder if that had anything to do with it? Or perhaps it was just because she was a woman???

Oh Islam! The religion of peace!

I guess when I get home tomorrow, I'll have to have a talk with all the servants and let them know that they had better shape up or face real trouble.

Hope for the Future

Sweet Wifey just posted an article announcing how Republicans are leading Dimocrats in areas of trust on many of the important issues. Good for us, I guess. I hope this means that the Dimocrats are going to be slaughtered in the November elections. Of course I'm hoping the GOP takes back both the House and the Senate. It seems as if even the Dems seem resigned to the loss of the House.

Well, they deserve to lose. For the last year and a half they have been complacent with Lord Hussein Obama in governing against the will of the American people and shoving their communist agenda down our throats. What would really be cool is if the GOP gained large enough majorities to even override Obama vetoes, but I'm not holding me breath on that one, even better, impeach and convict the bastard. He's an illegitimate president anyway. You gotta be born here to qualify and beside that, he's a Muslim, an enemy of the United States.

If the GOP does win big in November my fear is that the same old Warshington malaise will set in and the new Republicans will drift to the center and new RINO's will appear, which will ultimately mean a shift back to the Dems in future elections. Remember in 1994? Remember Newt and the contract with America? What happened to all of that? The GOP had a chance to grab the brass ring and really make a big difference and just completely blew it.

So I'm delighted to hear about the new found trust the folks have in the Republicans, but I am a long way from trusting the Republicans to do the right thing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Talking Clock

After closing time at the bar, a drunk was proudly showing off his new apartment to a couple of his friends. He led the way to his bedroom where there was a big brass gong and a mallet.

"What's up with the big brass gong?" one of his guests asked.

"It's not a gong. It's a talking clock," the drunk replied.

"A talking clock? Seriously?" asked his astonished friend.

"Yup," replied the drunk.

"How's it work?" the friend asked, squinting at it.

"Watch," the drunk replied. He picked up the mallet, gave the gong an ear-shattering pound and stepped back.

The three stood looking at one another for a moment.

Suddenly a voice on the other side of the wall screamed ...

"You asshole! It's three-fifteen in the morning!" 

Hat tip - Neal Boortz

Another Reason to Have Puppies Instead of Children

A cat would never do this:

Bumper Stickers Seen on Military Bases - 2

"Happiness Is A Belt-Fed Weapon"

"It's God's Job to Forgive Bin Laden - It's Our Job To Arrange The Meeting"

"Artillery Brings Dignity to What Would Otherwise Be Just A Vulgar Brawl"

"One Shot, Twelve Kills - U.S. Naval Gun Fire Support "

"My Kid Fought In Iraq So Your Kid Can Party In College"

"A Dead Enemy Is A Peaceful Enemy - Blessed Be The Peacemakers"

"If You Can Read This, Thank A Teacher.. If You Can Read It In English, Thank A Veteran"

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But the U.S. ARMED FORCES don't have that problem." ..... Ronald Reagan 

Hat tip - Neal Boortz

Friday, August 20, 2010

No Mosque! No Mosque!

Here's a juicy little tidbit: Construction workers in New York are refusing to build the ground zero Mosque!

I love it! When you really piss off the people that actually make this country work, you're in for a fight. I hope all these people stand fast together. The Mosque should not be built.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obama is a Muslim! Why the Big Mystery?

I hear on the news today that roughly 25 percent of Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim. A larger number thought he was a Christian. Many others were undecided. LET ME BE CLEAR. I have thought all along that he is a Muslim. I also think he was born in Kenya and is an illegitimate president. Choke on that!

I almost did an old Facebook LOL this evening as I watched the panel on Brett Baier's Fox News Show. Panelist Erin Billings just could not believe that 25 percent of Americans thought Barry was a Muslim. After all, he had declared in the campaign that he was a Christian. He had surrounded himself for the past 20 years with Christian ministers (Jeremiah Wright! Bwaa Haa Haa!) She just couldn't believe why anyone would think that he was anything other than a Christian!

By this time I am shouting at the TV, "Because he's a damn liar! Erin!"

Her sidekick, Steve Hayes, who is supposed to be a conservative went on to compare people like me to the same people who believe in UFO's. Wifey is sitting there rolling her eyes (they are such pretty eyes) and saying, "Oh, brother!"

I have always tended to judge people by their actions rather than by what they say, and Hussein Obama is no different. Did I say Hussein?

1. Obama was born into a Muslim family in Kenya and grew up in a Muslim country, Indonesia.

2. Obama was at first for the Mosque at ground zero and then not so much for it once he tested the political winds.

3. Obama directed NASA to reach out primarily to Muslims and glorify Islam's great contributions to science and technology. (I'm still wondering what those might be.)

4. Obama has turned his back upon and undermined Israel and our European allies in favor of making nice with the thug dictators of the Palestinians and other Arab countries.

5. He has not lifted a finger to stop his Iranian buddies from going nuclear.

6. Obama has trampled and ignored the Constitution since he took office, instead imposing his communist, left wing agenda against the will of the American people.

7. He's not going to raise taxes on anyone making less than 250K per year, but he's not going to extend the Bush tax cuts and he has already given us Obamacare and a couple trillion dollars of new debt! LIAR!

8. Obama has said that the Muslim call to worship is the most beautiful sound he has ever heard!

Based on his actions, I can come to no other conclusion than he is a Muslim and a liar. In fact, I don't believe anything out of the man's mouth.

So Obama is a Muslim. Based on my last post, he is also an enemy of the United States! As Rush Limbaugh has said, he is the first "anti-American president"!

WOW! There goes another UFO!

No Mosque at Ground Zero! Enemies of the United States Should Enjoy No Rights!

I've kept quiet about this issue for a while now, mainly because it is so troubling to me, but here it is. I have about had it up to my nose listening to the BS from the left about this proposed Mosque at ground zero in New York. The left goes on and on about how the opponents are "insensitive to Muslims" and how we would be "violating their first amendment rights" by disallowing the Mosque. Witch, Nancy Pelosi, wants to have me investigated! Bring it on, Nancy! The same people launching these accusations have never worried about free speech before. The thought of a simple prayer to the one true God, or the erection of a cross or a nativity scene in a public place sends them screeching and wringing their hands, running to some left wing judge in horror! Yet they are so worried about the poor Muslims getting their itty bitty feelings hurt.

Well now, here's how I see it. On September 11, 2001, Islam overstepped its boundaries as a simple religion when it murdered 3000 innocent people on that dreadful morning. Islam no longer qualifies as a religion, but rather an ideology, a hateful ideology that wants to destroy liberty and freedom and everything that we as Americans hold near and dear. Their hateful, sexist, and backward Sharia Law would undermine everything precious in the Constitution.

Like it or not, this hateful ideology, ISLAM, IS THE ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Kinda sticks in your throat doesn't it? But when you wash away all the limp wristed liberal politically correct hogwash......it is true! These people want to kill us just because of who we are and what we believe. As far as I am concerned, Islam forfeited it's right to any protection by our Constitution the day it went to war with us. So do they have a right to build a Mosque at ground zero? Hell no, as far as I am concerned, they have no rights whatsoever.

Now I am not saying that Muslims as individuals have no rights. I realize that most of them are born into Islam, others convert, although for the life of me I can't figure out why. It is a hateful theology built on a false god and the lies of a false, pedophile prophet. What a shame so many have fallen worldwide for the lie. As an individual, if you want to believe this nonsense, then you have every right and I will defend your right to do so. If you want to believe that Howdy Doody wears pink boxer shorts, then by all means go right ahead. There are limits to everything though and when your religion results in mass destruction and the loss of American lives, then as far as I am concerned, all bets are off. Now I realize that there are crackpots out there that kill people in the name of other religions. That is not what I am talking about so don't even try to use that as an example.

I have heard even some Muslims on the news saying that building the Mosque at ground zero is probably not a good idea. Well this is good! It shows that there are actually some sensible thinking Muslims out there. What did they expect the reaction to be? Of course the ones insisting on building the Mosque knew exactly what the reaction would be, OUTRAGE, and rightly so. Nevertheless, their intent is to purely rub our noses in the horror of 9/11, and I have no doubt that in the end they will be allowed to build the damned thing there.

If it is built then I certainly hope that a gay bar is erected right next door, with a barbecue shack on the other side. I could not give a rat's ass about sensitivity toward Islam. This ideology is our mortal enemy. I am hopeful that enough people in this country eventually realize this before it is too late (especially the politicians) although I am beginning to think that it may take another catastrophe on the scale of 9/11 to wake people up.

I want you think about how you felt that day in September when you found out we had been attacked. How did you feel when you saw people jumping from the World Trade Center towers? How did you feel when the buildings came crashing down? Who was responsible? Who is the enemy?

Build a Mosque at ground zero? YOU GOTTA BE SH*TTING ME!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Top 5 Baddest Football Uniforms

The other day, sweet Wifey, she is so sweet, wrote a diatribe about wimpy looking football uniforms. Her theory is that the team with the baddest, most intimidating uniforms will usually come out on top. In her humble opinion, the Tennessee Titans have rather wimpy looking uniforms, and I have to agree. Since the Titans became the Titans, they have had a rather checkered performance with one super bowl appearance and several trips to the playoffs followed by other time when they did not break .500. Now keep in mind that sweet Wifey is the same person that thought the Pro Bowl had something to do with bowling.

With that out of the way, I have selected the teams with what I think are the baddest, most intimidating uniforms. Now keep in mind that in every case I will be referring to the dark jerseys (usually home field). The light uniforms are never as intimidating.

In 5th place I have selected the Seattle Seahawks.
This is the only team I selected that did not have black jerseys. In fact I am not exactly sure what color to call the Seahawks. It is somewhere between a dark green and a gun metal gray. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, their tough looking colors seldom translate to a winning streak.

In 4th place are the Oakland Raiders.

The mention of the Raiders conjures up images of the silver and black, eye patches, swords, down and dirty, in the gutter, and in your face football. I am old enough to remember the old AFL Raiders and the John Madden Raiders. Lately, however, the scariest thing about the Raiders I guess are their fans.

The New Orleans Saints are my choice for 3rd place. The black and gold really looks sharp and after such a long dry spell, they looked so tough in the last Super Bowl. Too bad Archie Manning could not have played with such a Saints team. The Saints often wear gold pants with their black jerseys. This looks good but the all black attire is a whole lot more intimidating. The fleur de lis on the helmet looks a little gay if you ask me, but I'm not sure what other emblem you could have for the Saints. A solid gold helmet would look more manly.

In 2nd place are the Chicago Bears.
There is something about a bear that is the epitome of toughness. Bears are big and powerful. They are black and they are mean. The Chicago Bears play in the NFC north, the black and blue division. They are known for their tough defense, in part because Dick Butkus, perhaps the greatest linebacker of all time played for them. In spite of all that, their overall performance is rather mediocre. I like Lovie Smith and Jay Cutler (a Vanderbilt guy) and I was expecting great things out of the Bears last year, but it did not materialize. Maybe this year?

And number 1 on my list are the venerable Pittsburgh Steelers.
These guys look like they are ready to whip somebody's ass at just any old time. The black and gold always looks sharp. What I think sets them apart are those awesome black helmets. I have thought it was cool that the Steelers emblem is only on one side. They are one of the few teams whose away uniforms look almost as intimidating as the home uniforms, but that's just me. There's no doubt about it though, the Steelers are one of the winningest  teams of all times. They look sharp. They look bad. They look tough, and anytime the wimpy looking Titans play them, I'm gonna worry.

Here's some other teams to whom I'd like to give honorable mention for tough looking uniforms (all dark jerseys):
Minnesota Vikings, Houston Texans, New England Patriots, St. Louis Rams (especially their helmets).

I bet the rest of you have different opinions. Let's hear about it!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Moon's a Harsh Mistress

Sweet Wifey sent me this. What a beautiful song on a hot Sunday afternoon...

Morbid Strangers Double Header

My day began at 6am yesterday and finally ended at 3am this morning. Those Morbid Strangers (they are really morbid) had a big double header performance. We first headed over to Lewis County Manor in Hohenwald, TN. Where we put on a performance for "community day".
It was HOT HOT HOT followed by a heaping helping of HOT! I drank water or sodas constantly and there's no telling how much we all sweated. In any case we had a large and friendly crowd, free food and drinks and they all seemed to appreciate the music.
It was HOT!
Tony was HOT!
Scotty was HOT!
Guy was HOT!
 Tommy was especially HOT!
James was HOT and SWEATING!
I was my normal HOT self!

I think the worst part of the whole deal was when we had to tear down and load all of the equipment in the blazing hot sun (100 degrees plus!) and then move the whole load from Hohenwald to Memories Bar and Grill in Centerville. Thankfully the air conditioner inside Memories worked great. After a brief cooldown period we set the stuff up again on the stage.

After that I went back home to get a bite to eat and retrieve sweet Wifey. She stayed home during the day with Penny.....and then back to Memories.
Memories was a much cooler and darker environment. Tommy had a couple of AC vents blowing on him at all times.
You can really get down when the air is cool!
The guitar players are cool too!
Guy always makes fun of my melodious slow songs, but lead singer, James, and his wife, Lisa, don't seem to mind!

After midnight it was all hanging out. We packed up once again and headed for home. At home Wifey and I relaxed for a bit, I had a couple of pina coladas, took a shower and got to bed about 3AM. Sweet Wifey said I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I've got a week to rest up until we do it all again at the Fatman's! WHAT A RUSH!

To see all the pictures, go to:
The latest pictures will be at the end of the set.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Rolling Road Hazards

Well, after a long 24 hour shift at the Chamber of Horrors (aka hospital emergency room), I fired up my motorcycle and prepared for a leisurely ride home, an 8 mile journey. It was warm but not yet too hot and the breeze felt good on my face.

As I pulled out on the road next to the hospital I was confronted by a white pickup truck rolling out into my path from the convenience store next door. Now he had been stopped but now he was just rolling slowly and LOOKING RIGHT AT ME! Oh! I should have known, he had a damned cellphone stuck in his ear! What is it about this rolling business? Why not just STOP? But, no, you just gotta keep rolling slowly, making the other driver wonder what in the hell you're gonna do. Anyway, he was half out into my lane but he finally stopped. As I swerved around him he gave me a dirty look as if to say, "How dare you make me stop my truck for your stupid motorcycle!"

I went on down the street doing a leisurely 35 mph through town. As I approached the Tipp Topp market (a notorious place for accidents) some woman driving a clunker slowly rolled right out into my path. She had at first been stopped but for no apparent reason started rolling.

Now my motorcycle is big. The head lights and running lights stay on all the time. I am a pretty big guy and pretty hard to miss. It was broad daylight. What is it with this rolling business? Why not just stop and stay stopped?

Oh! You guessed it! She had a cellphone stuck in her ear, and was LOOKING RIGHT AT ME! When this woman realized she was half out in the street, she actually backed up.

I read somewhere that driving and talking on a cellphone is similar to driving after about 4 martinis. I believe it!

Most motorcycle accidents occur at turnouts and intersections, so I am very wary of these situations. If I were in my truck I really wouldn't mind hitting them broadside.......I could use a new truck, but on the bike I have to be defensive and assume everyone else is an idiot!

I continued an uneventful ride out of town and finally turned onto state route 100, my last leg before home. SR 100 is a hilly winding stretch of road and fun for cruising along at about 55 to 60 mph.

As I approached a final curve before my final turnoff, I am treated to some idiot in a clunker, rounding the curve at a high rate of speed and across the double yellow line and half in my lane. I had plenty of time to slow down abruptly and I had even momentarily planned to drive through the adjacent ditch if necessary. However, he suddenly realized that he was not the only person on the road and wobbled back over to his side. I could not tell if he had a cellphone or not, but I did wonder where he needed to be in such a damned big hurry. He was most likely in a big hurry to go no place fast.

So I pulled up at the house and was greeted by sweet Wifey and sweet Puppy and grateful for another fine day on planet earth.

You sure can encounter a lot of idiots in just an 8 mile stretch.