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Friday, December 31, 2010

Signing Off for 2010

Well, this will be my final post here for 2010. Tonight sweet Wifey, me, and those MORBID STRANGERS will be playing until past midnight at the RIVER LOUNGE.

We plan on having a rocking good time. Everyone be safe and I'll see y'all next year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Further Wimpification of the NFL

Tonight there is going to be the first NFL football game on Tuesday in decades. Why? Because the league postponed the Sunday night game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings. Why? Because of SNOW!

Apparently a lot of other people were not happy about this. According to the article the majority of Eagles ticketholders were looking forward to this game in the snow. I am sure it was no big deal to either of the teams.

Wasn't it just a week ago that there was whining and complaining over the fact that a game between the Vikings and the Bears was going to be played outdoors in Minnesota? The roof at the domed stadium in Minnesota had collapsed and the outdoor stadium was the alternative. Again the fans were excited and apparently had a great time throwing snowballs at the officials, the players, and at each other, but with some of the whining going on you would have thought some of the sportscasters were fixing to have surgery without anesthesia. "Waa haa haa! Oh my goodness! The field is gonna be frozen and too hard! Waa haa haa!"

I have watched football all my life. I even remember the AFL. I remember Vince Lombardi and the first Super Bowl. I remember JoeNamath and Super Bowl 3. I never remember a game being called off because of snow.....NEVER! In fact it always seemed that in December and January, snow, cold, and bad weather was just part of the game.

I just don't get it. They won't let players hit each other anymore without fines and penalties. They won't let the teams celebrate after making a touchdown. Now they're going to start calling off games because of snow? GIMMIE A BREAK!

Pretty soon they are going to impose score restrictions that will prohibit a team from having more than a 7 point lead. This is so the team that is behind won't get its feelings hurt! Hmmmm maybe not a bad idea......perhaps the Titans could win a few games that way!

For the record, I hope the Eagles get their asses kicked and lose in the first round of the playoffs. Why? Because dog killer. Mike Vick is the QB! So there!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A History of Slinging Cat Poop

I was watching some stuff on the History channel about the presidents of the United States. We run around today wringing our hands at the politicians in Warshington but it's fun to realize that it has pretty much always been this way, even all the way back to George Washington and likely way before that.

Of particular interest to me was the presidential election of 1824. This was evidently a time of particular political turmoil. In the first place there was only one official political party, the Democratic-Republican party. The Federalist party of Washington and John Adams had dissolved. Later on the Democratic-Republican party under Andrew Jackson would become the Democrat party and under John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay would emerge the National Republican party which would later become the Whig party.....WHAT A MESS!

The candidates in the election of 1824 were Andrew Jackson of Tennessee, John Quincy Adams, of Massachusetts, (son of John Adams), William H. Crawford of Georgia, and Henry Clay of Kentucky who was Speaker of the House of Representatives at the time.

In this election nobody won a majority of the electoral votes. Jackson won the plurality of the electoral votes with 99. John Quincy Adams was second with 84, William H. Crawford, third with 41, and Henry Clay brought up the rear with 37.

A majority of electoral votes is required for a win. Since nobody had a majority, the 12th amendment of the constitution requires that the House of Representatives decide the election based on the top three candidates. Well, Henry Clay, the Speaker of the House, was eliminated since he came in last. William H. Crawford suffered a stroke and dropped out, throwing his support between the two remaining candidates.

It turns out that Henry Clay had an intense hatred for Andrew Jackson and his policies, so now the election of 1824 is set to be decided by the House of  Representatives and Jackson's enemy, Henry Clay is large and in charge. Well, as they say on the Jay Leno Show......WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?

Well, as you might have suspected, the House of Representatives chose John Quincy Adams to be the 6th President pf the United States. Andrew Jackson and his followers were outraged.

John Quincy Adams appointed Henry Clay as his Secretary of State. The Jackson faithful accused Adams of making a "corrupt bargain". At the time, Secretary of State was a really big deal since the person holding this office was considered to be the heir apparent to the presidency. And so the cat fight had begun.

From what I have read about John Quincy Adams I gather he was basically an honorable and decent man, however, things just did not go well for him as president. In the wake of the election of 1824, Andrew Jackson and the Democrats hammered him at every turn. In 1826 he lost control of congress to the Democrats and became largely ineffectual and finally in 1828 he was destroyed by Andrew Jackson with Jackson winning over a 2 to 1 majority of the electoral vote.

I just have to look back at this and smile. I remember the outrage by the Democrats in 2000 when George W. Bush won the election with a minority of the popular vote (with the Supreme Court rendering the final decision). I have to think that pales in comparison to the election of 1824. Wouldn't it have been fun if that election had happened in the days of the internet, talk radio, and cable television? Cat poop would have been flying viciously in all directions! What fun it would have been!

The cool thing about all of this is that in both 1824 and 2000, the Constitution was being followed. Funny how those who support the Constitution by their words are suddenly not so happy with it, witnessed by their actions, when results are not to their liking.

There will be other elections (if we survive Hussein Obama) and rest assured, more cat fighting will occur.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

KISS - - - A Prayer for Simplicity

KISS (keep it simple, STUPID). Murry Chrissmuss everyone. Well, the lame duck congress is gone, FINALLY! I am sure many in Warshington, after the first of the year, are looking forward to things returning to NORMAL. Boy I hope not. If there is one thing I would like for Chrissmuss, it would be SIMPLICITY IN GUBMENT.

Beginning in January let's have no more multithousand page bills that nobody reads. Lets have no more bills have that have to be voted upon and passed before we know what is in them. Instead let's insist that congress change the way it does bidness. Let's limit bills to 3 or 4 pages. Let's have a bill address one topic and one topic only. Let there be no more amendments to bills which pile a bunch of hidden, unrelated junk on top of the original bill. Let's have no more giant spending programs, pork, and earmarks attached to the original bill.

One topic, and one topic only! That is the way it should be, an up or down vote, then if the legislators want to have a pork spending project, then give it a bill all its own.......simple.......understandable.....3 or 4 pages........everyone reads and understands..........lay it out in front of God and everybody for all the world to see.......an up or down vote!

It seems to me that this would be a clear, straightforward way of doing the people's bidness, and for once, it wouldn't cost us anything. In the long run it would probably save us billions. It's really all I want for Chrissmuss this year. Is it too much to ask?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Murry Chrismuss from Mr. and Mrs. Grouch

Well the GROUCH fambily celebrated Christmas TODAY cause the GROUCH has to work at the Chamber of Horrors TOMORROW! Sweet Penny got some presents, a new chew toy, a tutu, and lots of love.
Among several other things, I got a new Cannon digital Rebel T2i. My old Sony Mavica is nearly 10 years old. I have the battery to the rebel charging right now, then WATCH OUT!
Sweet Wifey got several nice things too, but I'll let her tell you about that. From all the GROUCH fambily, Murry Chrismuss and a gigantic BAH HUMBUG to everyone!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

DCGH Christmas Party

It just doesn't get any better than it did last night at the Decatur County General Hospital Christmas party. There were really good steaks and chicken for everybody, drawings and prizes for the hospital employees, and of course everyone rocked into the night with the Morbid Strangers.
Everyone was smiling.

All the pictures from last night are on the FLICKR page as well as the Morbid Strangers Facebook page. The folks at the hospital have a tough and often thankless job. They deserved to have a good time.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Speed Kills

Just a short note tonight. I just read an article that opened with the line: "Acting with uncommon speed, Congress moved toward final passage..."

They're talking about the Tax Bill. You know that tax bill that is only good for 2 years with the attached 1.2 trillion in spending and over 6000 earmarks? Yeah, that tax bill.

Have you ever noticed that when congress if fixing to do something really bad, they always seem to have to get it done in a hurry? Have you ever noticed that? Yep, lets get busy and screw them real quick before they figure out what is going on.

Just sayin'.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ADDICTION to Big Gubment

Sweating, malaise, anxiety, depression, priapism, extra sensitivity of the genitals in females, general feeling of heaviness, cramp-like pains in the limbs, excessive yawning or sneezing, tears, rhinorrhea, sleep difficulties (insomnia), cold sweats, chills, severe muscle and bone aches; nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, and fever.

Here is a list of possible symptoms of narcotic withdrawal. Other substances that produce withdrawal are nicotine, alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine and methamphetamine.

The sad fact is that many of these substances such as heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine are almost immediately addictive and even experimentation with them results in dependency and the possibility of withdrawal.

In a similar fashion people of this country suffer from an illness, ENTITLEMENT ADDICTION and GUBMENT PROGRAM ADDICTION. Much like the addiction of a crack whore by her pimp, America has been lead down the path of addiction by none other than the political left, compromising Republicans, and the almighty federal gubment. Years of handouts, promises and subsidy have created a dependent nanny state, addicted to federal programs, unable to fend for themselves, and only able to sit in the gutter with their hands out, squalling and crying when the gubment cannot deliver. Oh it's so easy to make promises when you're making promises with someone else's money. But what happens when the money finally dries up? The society goes into WITHDRAWAL!

Remember when Hussein Obama and Nancy Pelosi (2 gubment pimps) made the case for passing Obamacare when nobody had read the bill? Remember Pelosi said they would have to pass the bill to find out what's in it? "Just try a little of this, baby! It would hurt a bit" they said as they handed the people the crack pipe filled with Obamacare. These pimps well knew that all it would take would be to get the people addicted to the new drug. Then it would NEVER go away despite the protests of the rest of Americans who were not willing to partake.

We saw examples of gubment addiction way back in 2005 when hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. It was not like the disaster struck with no warning. Warnings were issued for days in advance, yet many of the citizens sat on their collective asses waiting for help to arrive from the local, state, and federal gubments, help which never came. As a result many people in New Orleans died. Of course as the withdrawal syndrome set in there was wailing and gnashing of teeth against George W. Bush and the federal gubment. I don't know about the rest of you but if I knew a monster storm like Katrina was headed for me and I lived BELOW SEA LEVEL, I believe I would get up off my ass and start walking if I had no other means of transportation. I can walk about 3 miles per hour. In 12 hours I could have covered 36 miles, more than enough distance to have gotten out of the flood zone. There is always something YOU can do to change your outcome without waiting for the gubment to come to the rescue.

Here's a joyous AP article talking about people's medicaid benefits being cut. The writer goes into detail about people having to have tooth extractions instead of root canals because of no funds. There is another horror story of someone not getting their organ transplant, and then the story of a pharmacist closing shop cause the gubment would not pay him to furnish drugs to all these people. The whole thing almost sounded like a Dimocrat political rally......the parade of the horror stories.

The real horror story is that for GENERATIONS these people have been given more and more and more at the expense of taxpayers. The notions of working and providing for yourselves and planning for future contingencies and disasters has long been discarded as more and more of them came onto the gubment dole.

Now the money has dried up. The FREE gubment programs are vanishing. Withdrawal begins for those generations long addicted to the narcotic of gubment social programs. Let the screeching, weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth begin. Blame the United States gubment pimp that promised these people everything and in the end will deliver only pain and suffering.

Either the US will travel into financial oblivion or the ship will be righted. As we struggle to right the ship the withdrawal disease will become much worse.

We're starting to see this in Europe already, rioting in Great Britain by students upset because their tuitions are going to be raised (give me a F***ing break!). Riots in other parts of Europe bacause they want to raise the retirement age from 58 to 62??????? (give me a F***ing break!). Riots in Greece because they are broke and are cutting social programs? Who did the rioters think was going to pay for their social programs? That's right! They never thought of that! I guess they just thought social programs grew on trees and the gubment could just wave a wand and make money appear (well geez, that's kinda what the US gubment is doing now!)

So here we are faced with a "compromise" spending bill loaded with hundreds of billions of dollars of spending, thousands of earmarks, deals, shenanigans, death taxes, and hundreds of empty promises.

Lord, I hope it fails! For all of our sakes, I hope it fails! Watch carefully for the symptoms of withdrawal to appear in the good old US of A.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Be Careful Giving Advice

Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn't seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy takes out his phone and calls 911.

He gasps, "My friend is dead! What can I do?"

The operator says, "Calm down, I can help. First, let's make sure he's dead."

There is a silence, then a gunshot is heard.

Back on the phone, the guy says, "OK, now what?"

Courtesy of my friend, Dr/ Marcus Desio.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Enemy at the Gates

Life and politics can be frustrating. The lame duck congress is now arguing over extending the Bush tax cuts which should more properly be framed a not heaping a tax increase on struggling Americans at the beginning of 2011. Even a few Dimocrats have finally admitted what we have known all along, that any tax increases in the midst of a recession will make things a lot worse.

Seems that even after the huge Republican victory in November that things are slowly but surely settling back to "politics as usual". Attached to the bill to extend tax cuts for the next 2 years we find amendments to also extend unemployment benefits (translated: paying people not to work), and lots and lots of spending, pet projects, and pork. It seems the Republicans for the most part are willing to happily go along for the ride, spending even more money we do not have.

Sweet Wifey did a nice post on this yesterday. Go HERE to read it.

Why can't we just have a bill to make the Bush tax cut PERMANENT? No amendments, no deals, no negotiations, no added pet projects, no pork barrel spending, just a straight up or down vote! Then after that, have another bill to create additional tax cuts for EVERYBODY, PERMANENTLY! Huh?
I am not sure how the subject came up yesterday but wifey and I were talking about the enemies of the United States and somehow we both came to the conclusion that Warshington DC. is an enemy of the people. As much of an enemy as Islam, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, or Feudal Japan.

Wifey said that it just seems to her that it is always us against them. In fact I have felt that way for a long time. As I frequently say, I can't remember for the longest when they have done anything good for us. Instead, the take our money, waste it, and intrude further and further on our lives. Indeed, the real war is the American people against the gubment in Warshington.

And after all that happened in November, they still don't get it, not even the Republicans. Sad, so sad. I am afraid we're headed either for the fall of the United States or a replacement of the federal gubment by a forceful uprising. I pray for the later.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Perhaps the Ho Hum Story of the Year

It's official! Long dead Doors lead singer, Jim Morrison, has been pardoned of indecent exposure charges in Florida. The pardon came by none other than the two faced, liar, politician, Charlie Crist who had been interested in Morrison's case since 2007. This is perhaps Crist's last decent act as Florida gubner.

Way back in 1969 (bible times) Morrison was charged with indecent exposure for allegedly showing his junk on stage. If he were around today, he could show his junk at airports!  His band members deny it and apparently others do to! He received a $500 dollar fine and a 6 month jail term but died of an apparent drug overdose in Paris in 1971 before he could atone for his crime.

Anyway, this story ranks right up there with the "is Oprah gay" controversy. Who gives a SH*T?

The guy has only been dead for nearly 40 years. Oh I hate it that he died. I remember the first time I ever heard "Light My Fire". What a great and timeless song! I was absolutely captivated and have loved the Doors ever since.

Of course his premature death was due to drugs and many bad decisions. I have to imagine the music that we might have had, had he lived, but those songs that never were and never will be are lost to that unfortunate twist of fate, so sad.

So what if he did show his junk on stage? Who cares?

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to Jail He Goes!

Well I just read where actor Wesley Snipes is going to federal prison for the next three years. His crime? Failure to file income tax returns.

Ok, well I guess that's a reason to put him in jail.

I just have to wonder, why is congressman, Charlie Rangel, not going to be joining him? I do believe he failed to pay taxes.

What about Obama treasury secretary Timothy Geithner? I believe he was also guilty of the same.

Apparently, Snipes had asked for a new trial and even ponied up 5 million in checks for the IRS. The judge put him away with three CONSECUTIVE misdemeanor sentences anyway stating that Snipes showed "a history of contempt" for U.S. tax laws.

Damnation! I guess they should put me away as well. I have nothing but contempt for U.S. tax laws!

Wait a minute! Charlie Rangel and Timothy Geithner have nothing but contempt for the American people! What is worse? Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair! FREE WESLEY!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Donelson Christian Academy Christmas Program

Monday night, sweet Wifey and I went to Nashville to listen to our grandson, Nicholas, perform in the middle school choir at Donelson Christian Academy. We were joined by my daughter, Nicholas' mom, Amanda; my sister, Nancye; and my niece, Laura, with her husband, Bill.

We enjoyed performances by the Legacy Choir, the Concert Choir, the Middle School Choir, and a variety of performances by selected soloists.

I have to say that the whole thing was most enjoyable and was professionally performed.

It was hard for me to believe that just six months ago the whole place had been destroyed and was under water from the severe Nashville floods last May. In just six short months the entire school had been restored to original and functional condition through the efforts and donations of parents, teachers, students, and the community in general. Sweet Wifey and I were joking that they likely received not a cent of Obama's "stimulus" money nor would they have wanted any.

It was nice to sit back and enjoy the singing in a place where God is glorified and prayer is encouraged rather than having to worry about offending some liberal and/or atheist. We are thankful Nicholas has such a nice place to get a quality education and learn the morals and decency that will lead him through the rest of his life.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Let's not forget what happened 69 years ago today. Go HERE if you need help remembering. God Bless America.

First Butts - A Little Quiz

Hint: The woman on the right is telling us how and what to feed our kids.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Gubment Freedom Erosion

How many times have I asked this:

When has the gubment passed a law that did you any good? Think! Think! Yeah, I know. It's hard to come up with anything. Most of what they do ends up being something stupid and intrusive.

Well now thanks to congresswoman Anna Eshoo (gesundheit) DIMOCRAT California, we're gonna have congress regulating the volume of our television sets. Apparently Eshoo (gesundheit) was offended by the loudness of TV commercials over regular programming stating the commercials just "blew her out of the house" while watching TV set to already high volume with her parents. I am assuming the seniors were hard of hearing.

You can go read the rest of this ridiculous article HERE.

So because of this, she's gonna have the United States congress take it upon themselves to regulate the volume of TV commercials. Ms. Eshoo (gesundheit), what bidness is it of yours how loud a television set is? Ms. Eshoo (gesundheit), why are you wasting the time and money of the American taxpayer dabbling in such nonsensical BS when you ought to be paying attention to important stuff like permenent tax cuts for all and job creation? Ms. Eshoo please just mind your own damned bidness and leave the rest of us alone. If the old folks can't hear the TV and you don't wanna turn it up, gettum a set of headphones. GEEZ!

Where in the Constitution is the federal gubment empowered to regulate TV set volume? WHERE?

The Right to be an Offensive Bigot

Here's a just precious story from Idaho. Mark Eliseuson of Hayden, Idaho, was making a statement, I guess, or maybe he was just being funny when he erected a 10 foot snowman reminiscent of a Ku Klux Klansman holding a noose.

Apparently his neighbors were "appalled" and Eliseuson was told that he could be charged with the crime of creating a public nuisance. The Idaho law defines nuisance as "anything offensive to the senses".

Well now, doesn't that just open up a can of worms? Now just who decides what is and is not "offensive to the senses"? What if I put a half dozen black faced gnomes in my front yard? Would that be offensive? What about flying a Confederate battle flag? Offensive to the senses? Says who? What if the neighbors banded together one day and decided my green truck was offensive?

If I drove by a neighbor's house and saw a 10 foot tall Klansman, my first response would be a WTF! (What the f*ck!) and then a LOL (Laugh Out Loud). Appalled would not be one of my emotions. Would I complain to the cops? No! Would I think the guy was a jerk? Definitely! But then I would go on about my bidness. Perhaps I've grown too old and calloused to be offended anymore.

If we're gonna have true freedom, every now and then we're gonna have to overlook and put up with stupid and offensive behavior. When we start letting politicians decide what is "offensive to the senses" then we open the door to the erosion of our freedoms, slowly but surely.

You can bet your sweet ass if Eliseuson had built a 10 foot tall Mohammed snowman, nobody would have said a thing! NOT ONE DAMNED WORD!

Sound Fiscal Policy

Boy, Christmas shopping has been murder. I have spent money like it's going out of style. I'm broke, flat broke and deep in debt.

Well I found out my neighbor is deeper in debt than I. I have decided to write several thousand dollars of "convenience" checks on my already heavily leveraged credit card and loan that money to my debt stricken neighbor who has no job nor a pot to piss in.

What? Why the long faces? Makes perfectly good fiscal sense doncha think? Remind you of anyone else?

Deaf Republicans

You'd think after the election last month that at least the Republicans would "get it". Apparently some still don't. 8 Republicans voted AGAINST a measure to eliminate earmark spending. Here are the traitors:

Robert F. Bennett, Utah
Thad Cochran, Mississippi
Susan Collins, Maine
James Inhofe, Oklahoma
Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
Richard Lugar, Indiana
Richard Shelby, Alabama
George Voinovich, Ohio

I think I'm going to take the time to send each one of them an email and let them know how much I appreciate them listening to the American people. Perhaps the rest of you would like to do the same. I made it easy for you. Just click on their names and you should go to their webpage.

7 of the 8 are no surprise in that they have a RINO voting record according to the American Conservative Union. The only real surprise is James Inhofe. He should be ashamed of himself. I remember there were other Republicans grumbling about this as well, Mitch McConnell for instance, but he decided to listen to Americans for a change.

UPDATE: Robert F. Bennett no longer accepts emails. How convenient for him.

Ignored Again

Well at the beginning of last month I sent letters to my senators and my congresswoman complaining of the fact that Medicare payments were going to be withheld from our local hospital while Medicare "upgraded" their computer system.

Well so far I have had a single response from Senator Lamar Alexander. What I got from him was some kind of canned response talking about Medicare fee payments for physicians. It really had nothing to do with my complaint. I guess some staffer read my message and found a canned response that most closely masqueraded as the proper response.

As far as my other Senator, Bob Corker, and my Congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn, I have heard NOTHING! ZIP! ZERO! NADA!

Makes me feel so good to know that I pay these people with my tax money to represent my interests in Warshington!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Senator Lamar Alexander is the traitorous senator from Tennessee who voted to confirm the racist judge, Sonya Sotomayor. Never again will I vote for Lamar Alexander. He is not up for re-election until 2014, but I intend to post this reminder each and every month until then. I hope he either resigns or they run a true conservative against him in the primary. I challenge my fellow bloggers to do the same if you have RINO's in your state that need to go. I may add my other senator, Bob Corker, to this reminder. I'm waiting for him to cross the aisle again and work with Dimocrats.