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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Crisis and Another Threat to Liberty

In the wake of the shooting of congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, there is much hand wringing, weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth amongst the crowd of REGULATORS in Warshington DC. Once again we have a CRISIS and gubment must act, imposing "curbs on incendiary speech". Of course we know that incendiary speech had nothing to do with the shooting of congresswoman Giffords. That was the act of a madman. Nevertheless, it is time once again for congress to stick its nose into our bidness and start chipping away at the first amendment. Who defines "incendiary"? Who draws the line? Who make the decision? Who?

Of course dismantling of the second amendment will not be far behind. The lawmakers give no thought to the fact that the only thing curbing of second amendment rights does is take guns out of the hands of responsible, law abiding citizens. Fruitcakes and lunatics are going to get guns regardless of the law.

Yes, they want to make it a crime to threaten or incite violence against a federal official. Fine, while you're at it why not make it a federal crime to incite violence against healthcare providers? We get threatened by fruitcakes and lunatics all the time. It's really nothing new.

They are unhappy with the FCC and want to "better police language on the airwaves". What they fail to realize is that the FCC was created in 1934 to regulate the radio spectrum and who could use it. This nonsense about regulating speech, cable TV, the internet, is just more gubment out of control and typifies its insatiable desire to regulate, regulate, regulate, and regulate every damned aspect of our lives. Of course these dweebs in congress want to blame talk radio for all the ills of the world and in the end want to regulate it into oblivion.

The shooting in Arizona was a tragedy, but the federal gubment just needs to sit down and shut up. Let the legal system handle things.

Remember boys and girls, anytime the federal gubment does ANYTHING, it is bad for you and me. Say so long to more of your liberty.


  1. There is already more than one bill being proposed to limit gun ownership, also to keep anyone with a gun 1000 feet away from politicians. Good luck with that.

    The shooter's attorney, thee same attorney who represented the uni-bomber, says she will not allow the shooter to be tried anywhere in Arizona.

    Right Truth

  2. Just a tad away from the subject, an educated Congressman wants to seal off the chamber with Plexiglass, B.S. Just lock them in their offices, stay home, and exercise their brain. "Engage Brain before putting mouth into motion". Amen WB

  3. Locking them away in their offices sounds good. Many of them should be locked away in jail IMO.