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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Dog Killer Goes Down

Although I do not have a dog in the fight this year (figuratively speaking) I enjoy watching the NFL playoffs. It's nice to actually watch some good teams go head to head in sudden death competition, especially after watching the Titans struggle to win a game with Vince Young throwing fits on the sideline.

I especially enjoyed the NFC game this afternoon with the 6th seed Green Bay Packers defeating that dastardly dog killer, Mike Vick, and the Philadelphia Eagles. I guess I am going to adopt the Packers as my team this year. Unfortunately, they have to play the number 1 seed Atlanta Falcons next weekend, so their day in the sunshine may be short lived but we never know do we?

Hey I got nothing against Philadelphia or the Eagles, and I really like Andy Reid, but I have no use for anyone that would torture and kill helpless animals just for the hell of it. No, I am not in a forgiving mood when it comes to Mike Vick. I reckon the Titans are in the hunt for a new QB. I sure hope they don't end up with Vick.....I'd have to pull for someone else.

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