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Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt....What to Do?

I have been watching the news every day coming out of Egypt. It seems like the whole thing is coming unraveled exponentially, like a runaway train. I don't think Mubarak will last. He will go and there will be a void. I am afraid that the void will be filled by a bunch of crackpot Muslims much like happened in Iran when the Shah was deposed. It would be great if Mubarak ended up being replaced by a SECULAR democratic government, but I don't think that is in the cards.

For years we have looked the other way when it came to Mubarak. He was a dictator but he was OUR dictator. We liked him because he brought stability to the region and was at peace with Israel. Never mind he stole from his own people.

What can we do to make things better? At this point I am not sure that there is anything we can do. In fact I'll even give the president a pass on this. I am afraid he is powerless. The time for action unfortunately has long passed. I guess we can blame administrations all the way back to 1981 when Anwar Sadat was assassinated. Of course we had to support Mubarak in the beginning, but we should have pressured him right away for human rights and democratic reform and not waited until years later when things are finally boiling over. We didn't learn from Iran. We didn't learn from Egypt. Who's next? Will Saudi Arabia be the next to go? What about Jordan?

Whatever happens I don't think it is going to be good for our so called friend, Israel. They will be surrounded by enemies with not a single "moderate" Arab state to be found. It's not going to be good for us either as our Arab allies are replaced by terror states and our oil prices soar through the roof.

The stage is being set for yet another Arab-Israeli war. Iran is poised to strike. Syria has always been poised to strike. The new terror nation of Egypt will be ready to wipe Israel off the map. Will we come to their defense? Will we be willing to fight an all out war against the Arab nations? Is this the great test for Hussein Obama that Joe Biden warned us about during the 2008 presidential campaign?

This is really scary stuff, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it happens to be the light of an oncoming train.

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