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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not a Good Way to Win Friends and Influence People

Ya know, I really like Michele Bachmann, but a few minutes ago I got a phone call from a fundraiser (telemarketer) giving me a spill about all the evils of the Democrat Party and the Obama administration. He assured me that Michele would make it all better and wanted to know when he could expect to receive my $250 dollar donation. (I guess this means she's running for president?)

"I don't give money to telemarketers." I said.

"I'm not a telemarketer, I'm a fundraiser." he declared.

"Same damned thing," I replied, "and I did not give you permission to call me. Take me off your list."

Then he goes into this big diatribe about how I am refusing to support the cause and not doing my duty, much the same way the bullshit NRA caller browbeat me when I would not give MORE money to John McCain........well this is exactly why I will not re-join the NRA and now I have an excuse NOT to contribute to Michele Bachmann.

Anyway, I kept repeating, "Take me off your list." Over and over again. I was not going to hang up on this asshole, but preferred to waste his time. Before it was over HE WAS YELLING AT ME! He FINALLY hung up.

I think I'll call Bachmann's office and complain. What do you think?

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