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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Obama Disqualified!

I'm not afraid to admit it. I am a BIRTHER. I have never believed that Obama was born in the US. No, common sense tells me he was born in Kenya. The common sense thing for him to do would be to provide that elusive birth certificate.

For a short time the governor of Hawaii was going to produce it and now suddenly he can't find it. The logical conclusion is that there is no certificate to be found.

Well I just read that Arizona is fixing to pass a law requiring every presidential candidate to provide a birth certificate, among other things, before they can be considered a legitimate candidate. According to the article, other states are considering similar laws. Ah yes, the states are SOVEREIGN entities that is until they get in the way of something the tyrannical federal gubment wants to do like force people to buy health insurance or offer an illegitimate candidate for president.

Mind you I'm not looking for anything substantial to come out of all this. The federal gubment will simply look the other way and do what it wants to do, the states and the PEOPLE be damned, but it is cool to dream.

If by some miracle Obama was suddenly disqualified as president, would that make all the expensive nonsense he has signed into law null and void? Wouldn't that be juicy?

By the way. not only am I a BIRTHER, I also believe that Obama is a Muslim, always has been, and always will be. Of course he has declared he is a Christian, but he has lied pretty much about everything since he has been in office, why should I believe him on that one?

Yes I know. I am being UNCIVIL! Shame on me for making such incendiary remarks. Next time some loon shoots somebody in the head, it will be my fault!


  1. Would this even be an issue if Obama was white?

    Also, why does the religion of the president matter? I mean, I'd be pretty upset if a scientologist were elected, but why should it matter if a president is Catholic, Mormon, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, or whatever they happen to be?

    I also believe some copy of his birth certificate has indeed recently surfaced and floats around the internet. Sure, it could be fake, but so could any birth certificate- even one that has been produced. I think this shouldn't be such an issue- he is american and has the people's best interests in mind as much as a president can.

  2. Let me address your questions octopusuranus......whatever that is.

    It would indeed not matter if Obama was white. Hell he's half white anyway. The issue is one of his qualifications under the constitution, black white, purple, or polka dot, I could care less about that.

    The religion of the president in this case does matter. He's a Muslim. Islam is the enemy of the United States, yes I know it's difficult to admit but it is true. It is a gutter religion based to the hallucinations of a pedophile. They kill and torture their women and strap bombs to their children and would prefer we all live in the 6th century. You're damn right it matters. If he were anything else I would not care.

    Finally, if he's an American, I agree with Donald Trump. He needs to prove it. It's that simple. Frankly, I don't believe a damned thing Obama says. He's a radical socialist who wants to change everything that is great about America. A socialist/communist will lie at every turn to accomplish their goals.