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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Poor Puppies

Here's an absolutely horrible story from Long Island, New York. Officials recovered 15 dogs from a house that I would classify as a hell hole. The dogs were found with their mouths taped shut. They could not eat or drink and they could barely breathe. They were simply left to dehydrate and die.  The trembling animals were matted with feces and urine and were scattered among the rotting corpses of other dead animals. There was 2 feet of trash on the floor.

The decaying remains of 28 other animals were also discovered, including dogs, cats, ferrets,  and parrots.

This cruelty was evidently carried out by a mother/daughter combination that lived in the house. The mother, 54, was reported to be some kind of secretary and the daughter, 24, was a nursing home aid. Ugh, makes me wonder what kind of care the old folks in the nursing home were receiving.

Anyway, the two have been charged with three felony counts of animal cruelty. It is a damned good thing I am not going to be the judge in this case. What possesses people to treat helpless and innocent creatures in such a way? I can't help but think there is an especially hot place in hell for folks like this. I told my sweet Penny not to get online and look at those horrible pictures.


  1. I could not get that article out of my mind after reading it, thinking of the absolute horror those poor animals went through. If it were up to me those two evil excuses for humans would be put through the exact same treatment the animals went through, until they DIED. Let the women see how it feels to have duct tape over your mouth where you cannot eat, drink, breath, and make sure their hands and feet are tied so they cannot remove the tape, and make sure they are locked in with all that filth so they cannot get free, until they die and the darkest depths of Hell reach out for them

    Right Truth

  2. Can we do the same to that pair of useless flesh? The worse punishment they will receive is a year in jail and a fine.