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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Silence is Golden

I was just reading this article about SMART PHONES FOSTERING DUMB HABITS AMONG PEDESTRIANS. The author laments the absolute obsession people have with their electronic devices to the point that they actually step off the curb in front of cars and crash their baby strollers into each other. This article centered on pedestrians, but I was thinking the same thing applies to people operating motor vehicles.

What did we ever do before cell phones? How did we ever get along? As I recall it seems that I, for one, managed just fine. I remember way back before cell phones and interstates when driving to Nashville was a day long undertaking (a pleasant one I might add). I've always enjoyed driving along in the country, with the window down, quiet, alone with my thoughts, enjoying the scenery, and enjoying the day. If I ever did have to make a phone call I had to find a phone booth, but I betcha I could count on one hand the number of times I ever pulled off the road to use the phone. It was never so important that I could not wait until I reached my destination.

I have nothing against cell phones. I have one on my side all the time. I am easily findable by people that need to find me, but most of the time the phone is silent with that little light blinking on top which tells me that a cell tower somewhere is hearing me.

If tomorrow all the cell phones, pagers, and mobile devices just went away, I'd be just fine, but I'm not so sure about the rest of humanity.

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  1. Even when people get together in person, they sit at the table with their cellphones in front of them. Rather than having eye-to-eye conversations, they pass their phones back and forth, sharing texts and images. Not good for humanity.

    Then when they fall into a pool at the mall while texting rather than watching where they are going, they want to sue the mall because they were embarrassed in public.

    Right Truth