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Monday, January 31, 2011

Whining Over Jeff Fisher

Well, it's really funny to read some of the comments mainly on Facebook about the former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher.

There was a plethora of comments ranging from "good riddance" to "OMG I will have to find another team. I am a Jeff Fisher fan".

Well, maybe I am a different kinda football fan but I don't ever remember  being a fan of a football team simply because of the coach. I'll continue to be a Titans fan simply because they are the home team. The head coach will not matter. I was fine with Fisher and I'll be fine with someone else.

I guess some of the people are attached to Fisher simply because of his longevity. Others just don't like change. Whatever your feelings you have to admit that Fisher's tenure with the Titans was the exception rather than the rule. Most of the time coaches are like players. They come and go rather quickly.

I have also been amused by the comments vilifying Titans owner, Bud Adams. At the end of the day though, if the Titans win, Bud Adams will be a genius, if not he will be a low life SOB. It's that simple. By the middle of next season, Fisher's departure will have been forgotten and most people will be looking at the remaining schedule and cogitating on playoff possibilities.....as usual.

I heard one girl saying "poor Jeff Fisher". Gimme a break. Jeff Fisher has made millions of dollars doing what he has been doing. Poor my ass! He'll have no trouble getting another gig if he wants one.

My least favorite month arrives tomorrow. February.....it's still winter, it's still cold and dreary, football is over after next Sunday.....bah humbug. By the middle of the month I'll be saying, "Are you ready for spring? Are you ready for some football?"

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