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Thursday, January 6, 2011

You Axed for it, You Got it!

I can't help but shake my head at these young people (girls) running around.

"Oh I just can't wait to have a baby!"

"Oh I just can't wait to start a fambily!"

And then I watch them swell and puke and suffer for 9 months, running to the doctor for this that and the other thing.

Then what is really funny is that after the baby is born, these same people will go around pissing and moaning over the price of food, the price of diapers, baby clothes, and God forbid doctor bills! Yes, it is a fact, us rich, money grabbing, heartless doctors actually charge money to see those little yard apes.

And then, later on the yard apes grow up to be teenagers and suddenly momma and daddy become extremely stupid, but that's another story.

Needles to say, I do not show these folks any sympathy. As usual I just say, "Shudda had a puppy!"

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