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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Beginning of Europe

There is outrage in Wisconsin. The governor there, Scott Walker has proposed elimination of collective bargaining rights over everything except salaries. Retirement plans and health care would be off the table. In a nutshell, this would mean that state employees would actually have to start paying for their own health care and their own retirement.

There is OUTRAGE! They are storming the capitol!

As I told sweet Wifey a while back, there has been no rioting over budget cuts as we have seen in Europe, but that is only because there has only been talk of cuts and no REAL cuts. Now the REAL cuts are coming and so are the European style riots.

I got a feeling it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

By the way, I have ALWAYS paid for my own health care and my own retirement. I'm no worse for the wear.


  1. We are told by one of of the folks who live there, that the majority of those ranting are "rent a mob" members and many students who have no idea why they are there, their teachers just told them to show up.

    Right Truth

  2. A bunch of them were students told to come and protest. When asked, they didn't even know why they were protesting.......sad......Skulls full of mush....