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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crippling the EPA? Hell! Let's Kill It!

Here's some potentially good news. Senators are vowing to block the administration's attempt to regulate "greenhouse gases" by fiat using the Environmental Protection Agency.

Obama couldn't ram through congress the expensive, job killing cap-and trade (cap-and-tax) bill, so he has decided to implement it anyway by instructing the EPA to carry out the mandate.

Congress is not happy. Hell, I am not happy! Liberals have always cared more about gubment control and the HOAX of global warming than they have about getting out of the way of the free market and providing jobs for Americans.

Of course idiot senator, Robert Menendez of New Jersey is against the whole thing saying, "The health of our children must come before the interests of polluters." It just really gripes my ass when these liberals throw "children" into the mix! Of course I remember the scores of children dropping dead in the streets years ago before the EPA was created. All based on a HOAX! A HOAX!

I hope the Republican senators are successful. I'll go a step farther. Let's just do away with the EPA! How about the National Education association too? How about all of Obama's czars while we're at it? How about the UN? How about foreign aid to the people that hate us? Yes, let's just abolish all those expensive things that cost us a lot of money and don't work! Are you with me?

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