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Friday, February 18, 2011

Dimocrat Cowards

Things are unraveling in Wisconsin. People are up in arms. People are shouting. People are threatening Republican legislators and the Republican governor. School children who have no idea about what is happening have been recruited to join the protest. The people causing all the trouble are union types upset because the state is out of money and can no longer afford to pay for their health care and their retirement benefits. In spite of this they still want YOU, the taxpayer, to continue to fund their free ride through life.

Dimocrat state senators in Wisconsin got on a bus, a yellow bus like the cowards they are, and headed out of the state so they would not have to face the music and vote on the governor's proposals.

A woman yesterday on the Rush Limbaugh program put everything in perspective. Click on the player below and listen:

This is great! This message should be the message of every CONSERVATIVE in the gubment and they should be broadcasting the message loud, long, and strong! The days of the free ride at the taxpayers' expense is coming to a close. The days of compromise and "getting along" with liberals is ending. It is time to get off your ass, take care of yourselves, and work and provide for your own future. Stop depending on someone else to make it happen for you!

The real shame here is that these cowardly Dimocrats care nothing for anything but their own political necks. They don't care about the voters. They don't care about the taxpayers. They don't care about the school children. In fact they don't give a rat's ass about the public employees or their unions. For so long they have made promise after expensive promise at the taxpayers' expense. These promises have continued to get them re-elected. Now the well full of other people's money has run dry. Suddenly the eyes of hard working Americans are opening and we can see the douche bags that these people really are. They cannot run. They cannot hide. They have driven Wisconsin and every other state into the financial hole with expensive, empty promises. It is so easy and so cowardly as long as you're spending someone else's money.

Another woman on Rush's program suggested that all the Dimocrats who fled on the yellow bus be recalled and kicked out of office. AMEN! Show them the door and don't let the door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha!

1 comment:

  1. The little yellow bus reminds me of the buses for "special needs kids" some schools use. I think the Democrats in Wisconsin are showing who they are, children, unable to stand up to the responsibilities of their job and for those that voted them in. If they are against the bill, then be a man. Stand up and vote against it.

    p.s. I like the new image you have of yourself, Grouch. Perhaps this one won't scare away readers, ha.

    Right Truth