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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Good Day in February

If you read the GROUCH, you know that February is my least favorite month. It's still winter and football is over, but every now and then the Grace of God shines down from on high. Yesterday it was 65 degrees and the sun was shining. It just doesn't get much better than that for February.

I had to have some warranty work done on my Kawasaki Vulcan so I figured I was not going to have a more perfect day to take it to the dealer in Jackson, TN. The ride was pleasant and uneventful and the work only took about 45 minutes so I had time to spare.

I decided to take the "long way" home tooled around in the southern part of West Tennessee before I made it back home. There are plenty of long stretches of road in the western part of the state winding through miles and miles of farmland and low hills. It's the perfect place to lose yourself with your thoughts with just the wind on your face and the sun on your back as you become one with your machine. Hey if you've never ridden, you won't understand.

One of the cool things about riding are the smells. You don't notice them so much in a car but on a bike, you're right out there in the middle of them. As I left the house the first thing I remember was the not so unpleasant smell of decaying leaves mixed with the aroma of some of my neighbors burning piles of them. With the mild weather lots of the neighbors are out working in the yards.

I noticed the smell of my leather jacket and the the smell of heat coming up from the V twin engine below. The hot engine has a unique aroma. On the highway you receive a mixture of automobile exhaust, diesel, and catalytic converters and every now and then a skunk.

Traveling through town, I'll catch the smell of fried chicken and burgers cooking on the grill as I zip by some of the local restaurants and convenience stores.

The smells of summer are more varied and interesting than the smells of winter. Blooming flowers, trees, and honeysuckle add a pleasant aroma to the mix. Every little stream I cross I can hear the singing of my friends the frogs, although it is a little early for them in February.

I finally made it back home from my long and enjoyable ride, The V twin grumbled and another burst of heat wafted up from below, warming my legs as I backed in to my parking place.

God is always good, but he gave me a special treat yesterday and made the doldrums of February a little easier to bear. What another great day to be alive!

Oh I rode the 2 wheeler in to work this morning. First time since November! Come on spring time!


  1. Man, I miss having a bike. I remember the smell of the freshly cultivated fields, road kill, and my neighbors hog lot, just down the road. Nothing like ridin' with the wind in your face, and the sun on your skin. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Yeah, Cab. Those hog lots are the best.

  3. Glad you had such a good day sweetie.

    Right Truth

  4. Thanks baby, the best part was that I got to come home to you.