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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Government Mandates

Sweet Wifey and I were talking the other day about gubment mandates, specifically Obamacare that requires individuals to buy health insurance. Of course a federal judge recently declared this unconstitutional. I got to thinking. This is not the first time the gubment has forced individuals to buy things.

One thing that came to mind was wheelchair ramps and handicapped parking spaces. Now I have nothing against handicapped people but how is it the gubment has the power to require me, a small bidness owner, to build wheelchair ramps and paint and install signs in my parking lot? Yet they seem to have no trouble doing stuff like this at MY expense.

Another specific issue that bothers me are hospital surveys. Medicare REQUIRES that hospitals conduct patient satisfaction surveys. The hospital foots the bill for this entirely and they are not cheap. The kicker is that the payment of the hospital (pay for performance) is tied to the scores they receive on the surveys. Now I realize that the hospital is not an individually owned entity but where does the gubment get off telling a PRIVATE institution they they MUST buy or pay for a product?

There are already these "energy efficient" housing mandates. In some areas your house has to have a certain kind of windows, or a certain kind of roof, or a certain kind of siding. If your house doesn't meet the requirements, you can't even sell it. Of course you have to get it up to their standards at YOUR expense!

They want to mandate what kind of light bulbs you use. That is coming. Who's damned bidness is it what kind of light bulb I choose to use? Nobody's but mine!

This stuff really steams me in a big way. No, this gubment mandate thing is not new and you can bet as they take more and more of our freedom away, they will try and mandate more and more. Will they mandate people buy houses to solve the homeless problem? Will they mandate you buy an electric car to solve global warming? What's next?

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  1. It boggles the mind, but if we keep allowing this from the government, they will keep issuing mandates. Many of these were passed into law by our Congress but under our new president all he has to do is issue an order

    Right Truth