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Friday, February 11, 2011

Lightning Will Strike You Dead

One day an amateur golfer went out to shoot a practice round of 9 holes. His usual caddy was not available that day so his priest offered to go along and carry his clubs.

On the first green the golfer missed a 5 foot putt.

GOLFER: "Damn! I Missed!"

PRIEST: "Please control yourself my son, the Lord might strike you dead for using such language."

On the second green the golfer missed a 4 foot putt.

GOLFER: "Damn! I Missed!" 

PRIEST: "Please, my son the Lord is about to strike you dead. This is your final warning!"

On the third green the hapless golfer had only a 2 foot putt and yet he missed again.

GOLFER: "G....damn! I Missed!"

The sky suddenly darkened! The ground shook! Instantly a gigantic bolt of lightning shot from the clouds, striking the PRIEST and killing him dead!


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