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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Obama Still Believes in Spreading the Wealth

Last time I looked it was not just those "at the top" that enjoyed profits from a successful corporation. I always thought it was the STOCKHOLDERS! Apparently the messiah, Hussein Obama doesn't understand this. He says that the profits have to be SHARED WITH THE WORKERS. He does not understand the difference in WAGES and PROFIT SHARING. If the workers want to engage in profit sharing, fine, let them buy STOCK in the corporation. Most corporations already enable their workers do this anyway. If you really wanna feel nauseated, watch the video below:
What the hell does this boob know about "common sense regulations"? What does he know about what will make sense for my bidness? So he wants to reform the tax code and at the same time give the money to the workers? Mr. President, it is NOT YOUR MONEY TO BEGIN WITH! My friends this is a classic example of why gubment ought to just get the hell out of the way and let the free market take care of itself. Obama has never created a job. He has never met a payroll. He has never had to comply with onerous regulations heaped upon his bidness by nonsensical state and federal regulations. He has no idea that increased profits for the corporation will lead to increased hiring, MORE JOBS and INCREASED WAGES and more PROFITS for the STOCKHOLDERS, not just those "at the top"! More REGULATION will have the exact opposite effect! In short, Obama doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground!

I'm just a regular, average guy and I know a helluva lot more about markets and liberty than the President of the United States!

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  1. Today he wants to give money to states for "jobless" claims.

    Right Truth