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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Problem with American Productivity

I just came up with a real cool device! All you gotta do is strap it to your arm and it will increase your life span by at least 50 years. It will also clear up all your chronic ailments like Alzheimers, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, warts, bunions, and excess nose hair!

Problem is that if I wanna produce and distribute my invention, the federal gubment will just wanna tax it and regulate it. There will also be a bunch of lawyers out there that will wanna sue me for my device not protecting people from skydiving accidents. There will be others who will want to sue me because all the extra humans hanging around will lead to an increase in methane and an increase in fictional global warming.

On second thought, FORGET IT! Just forget I said anything!

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  1. Unfortunately too many would-be businesses are experiencing the exact situation you describe.

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