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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some Days You Just Wanna Scream

Today, between miracles, I was having casual conversation with the ER staff about politics. The ER nurse (she is not one of the regulars that hangs around me all the time) was saying how awful Obama was. She was sure he would be defeated in the next election.

I told her I was not so sure and went on to say that a lot would depend on who the Republicans ran against him. I went on to explain that if they gave me Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, or any other McCain-like RINO that I would vote for Obama purely out of spite.

She went on to say this:

NURSE: "I know who I'd like to see run."
ME: "Who would that be?"
NURSE: "Colin Powell."
ME: "Good Lord! What could you possibly find appealing about Colin Powell?"
NURSE: "Oh, he seems like a good conservative."
ME: "Did you know Colin Powell voted for Obama?"
NURSE: "Uh, no......I didn't know that."
ME: "Do you know why Powell voted for Obama?"
NURSE: "No, why?"
ME: "Because Obama's black. He obviously had no other qualifications."

ME to the FRIENDLY LPN: "She Obviously doesn't read my blog."
FRIENDLY LPN: "Obviously not."

I don't know where this nurse gets her information but my friends this is exactly what we are up against. It is because of people with notions like this that Obama was elected in the first place. They say ignorance is bliss but it may also result in our losing this country!

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  1. Unfortunately most voters are not as well informed as we are.

    Right Truth