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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sucks a Big One!

Not the game. Congrats to the Green Bay Packers. The Pack was my adopted team this year after the Titans went south. I was referring to the disgraceful performance of the National Anthem by Christina Aguilera. Not only did she sound like a cow with its tit caught in a meat grinder but, hell, she couldn't even remember the words. I would imagine that if she had just concentrated on singing the song rather than trying to sound like an epileptic mule doing a dance over hot coals, she might have gotten it right.
Speaking of epilepsy, things didn't get much better. The halftime show featured the Black Eyed Peas. Boy I never heard such grunting, twitching and caterwauling in my whole life. It's hard to believe that people really consider that trash music. A convulsion would be more fitting. Guest appearances by Usher and Slash did not do much to save the day. Indeed they would have been much better off to have invited the Morbid Strangers, and I'll betcha they could have gotten us a lot cheaper!

By the way, if you're gonna do the National Anthem, this is the way it ought to be done!

Now if that doesn't put a chill down your back, you're dead!


  1. OMG The black eyed peas were horrible. Totally agree!

  2. Ugh, it made me a bit sick when people starting cheering for her.

    The combined choir accompanied by the trumpet ensemble was very nice though. Definitely got chills from that one.

  3. Yes the whole thing was rather painful to watch but the national anthem was most painful for me.