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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Texting and Driving

As the snow was falling yesterday I was noticing "progress reports" on Facebook from some of the drivers in the snow. Of course they were texting while driving, bad enough on a good day, but really treacherous on slick roads. This morning I got up, put on my boots, gathered my belongings, put my truck in 4 wheel drive and headed out through the snow. Most of the roads were completely covered. Even state highway 100 still had patches on it. Nevertheless, I made it in without incident.

My normal 15 minute drive took about 25 minutes. Not once did I feel the need to send a text or a progress report. In fact I have never sent a text in my whole life. I don't see the need. If I need to talk to someone, I'll just call them, but my cellphone remained in its usual silent state during my drive. Imagine that! I guess I could have called up three or four people in my call directory and said, "Yipee! I'm driving in the snow! Yipee!" Real important stuff you know.

In spite of the fact I did not send a text or talk on the cellphone, I arrived at the hospital in spectacular condition. I did not have a convulsion. I did not break out in a rash. I did not develop any huge green lumps. Contrary to the apparent belief of some, it is indeed possible to DRIVE WITHOUT TEXTING!

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