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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The WARMEST Year Ever

Isn't the picture above just lovely? It is a recent picture of Lakeshore Drive in Chicago. What a pleasant, balmy place to be, doncha think? Yes, both NOAA and NASA have both declared that 2010 was tied for the warmest year since 1850. The Climate Research Unit, East Anglia, UK, also proclaimed that 2010 was the second warmest year. Now you remember the Climate Research Unit, doncha? They were the "Climategate" folks caught cooking the books over the "facts" of manmade global warming. They also initially proclaimed there would be mild, snowless mid-latitude winters due to the warmer temperatures.

Unfortunately for these charlatans, with the brutal winters of  2008/09, 2009/10, and winter so far this year, they are having to scurry for cover and come up with some new lies to cover their trail. Evidently less and less people are buying into this rot.

Actually, mild snowless winters sound pretty good to me and this was the warmers' prediction since the early 2000's. But since the winter of 2009/10 was the coldest ever in parts of the southeast and one of the coldest ever in all of the US, the warmers are now saying "global warming means cold and snowy winters". So it doesn't matter. If we have a mild winter, it's due to global warming. If we have cold and lots of snow, it's due to global warming.

As the HOAX of manmade global warming continues, our president, the messiah, the man child, the chosen one continues to push nonsensical cap and trade upon us under the auspices of the EPA. He couldn't get cap and trade through congress so his plan is to circumvent congress and implement the plan anyway. Of course this will do nothing for you except raise the price you pay for electricity. If your electricity is produced by oil or coal (most of you), your prices will go way up. The dependence of the United States on OPEC oil will increase and yes gasoline will go up and up, exacerbated I am sure by unrest in the middle east. The manchild wants us all to buy electric cars that will travel a staggering 20 or 30 miles on a charge. He wants us to use wind power which won't work when the wind stops blowing.

The Republicans are introducing a bill in congress to try and de-fang the EPA. The drive by media and the Dimocrats say it will fail and Obama will veto it.....so why bother. On the contrary, they need to pound this thing into the heads of the voters over and over again. As our energy prices skyrocket, let everyone know the reasons why. If the first bill fails, send another, and another.

I think it's about damned time the Republicans started calling this global warming nonsense what it really is.....a HOAX! Yes they need to relentlessly start using the H word. In the midst of this current snowstorm they are sure to collect more followers.

I love this global warming. As soon as I get off work, I'm gonna go home and get sweet Wifey to put on her skimpiest bikini and we're going for a boat ride! Yee Haa!

1 comment:

  1. And back, what, about 30-odd years ago they were predicting an ice age and we needed to do something to stop the crisis that would ensue.

    Can't make up their minds, probably why now they just lump it all together as climate derangement or whatever it's called now.