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Thursday, February 17, 2011

We're Sitting on a Glut of the Energy Source of the Past

Our dear leader, the messiah, the chosen one, has declared that oil is the "energy of the past". Oh yeah, he wants us to instead concentrate on the energy of the future, wind, solar, ethanol, high speed rail (that evidently nobody wants). Yes he wants you to give up your pickup truck and your SUV and drive your electric car for about 30 miles tops and ride a high speed train to the corner grocery.

I was listening to my friend, Rush Limbaugh, the other day and he was commenting that the unemployment rate in North Dakota was around 3 percent. WHAT? How can this possibly be? Well it's all because of the Bakken Oil Reserves which is a huge expanse of shale oil encompassing parts of North Dakota, Montana, and Saskatchewan. From what I have read the Bakken reserve is TWICE the total Saudi oil reserve. New technologies have come to pass which now allow access to all this oil in North Dakota. There is so much economic activity in there due to drilling that other industries are having a hard time keeping up. There are not enough rooms in North Dakota to house all these workers. There is not enough food in the grocery stores and convenience stores to feed them. Pipelines are insufficient. They are trying to figure out ways to transport all the oil.

The Bakken Reserve sounds like a boom in every since of the word, yet, according to the chosen one, oil is the "energy of the past", indeed a 7 year moratorium exists on drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Yes, my friends, there is just oil sitting down there and jobs waiting to be had, and yet the messiah is more interested in spending more money we don't have adding several hundred thousand new gubment employees, and new IRS workers to make sure you pay your taxes and make sure you purchase approved health care insurance. The Republican congress has already declared that they are planning on cutting the budget and doing away with these gubment jobs, and what do we hear from the Dimocrats and the gubment controlled media? "DRACONIAN CUTS!"

Hundreds of thousands of REAL jobs and energy independence for the United States is just sitting there, waiting to be exploited, but no......green energy that does not work and gubment jobs are the rule of the day.

I'm waiting to see a ban on drilling in the Bakken Oil reserve and another moratorium. You just know that Obama and his cronies are just gagging over the prospect of prosperity for the American people with no gubment help.


  1. ND also has a different type of banking system than the rest of the country, with a state-owned bank.

  2. Okay Angie Lee, you'll have to enlighten us on how that is a better system. I really don't know.

  3. I just said different - still looking into whether it is actually "better." I do find it interesting, though.