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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who's Afraid of Junk Science?

Well I ran across yet another article about the deleterious  effects of cellphones. The title of this article:Cell Phones Increase Brain Activity, Stir Fears.

Interesting title I think, but I have to ask, WHO IS AFRAID? The crux of the article is that holding a cellphone to your head for 50 MINUTES  will increase the temperature of your brain. The article goes on to point out however that nobody knows the implications of this warming activity and there was even speculation it might be beneficial. I guess the fearmongers seem to jump to the conclusion that this might cause cancer.

Here's an interesting line: "Although the research on this topic has been mixed and inconclusive, Volkow says, their findings reopen the debate about cell phone concerns and make it impossible to ignore that prolonged use over many years might have some kind of unknown effect on the brain."

WHY? If the results are mixed and inconclusive, why should the debate be reopened? Oh geez, I forgot about global warming. The results are mixed and inconclusive and yet the left accepts the hoax as a fact. Now I understand!

Here's more "Some studies have shown a significant association with cancer, others show the opposite," she said. "When you have data that is not consistent there is uncertain and uncertainty of course generates fear." 

REALLY? I have not the slightest fear of sticking a cellphone to my head. Of course I'd probably have to use mine for about 6 months to accumulate 50 minutes of exposure time.

Seems like some of my colleagues are more fearful than I: "It also doesn't quell fears when doctors publicly advocate for cell phone precautions. In 2008, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta, along with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center brain surgeon Dr. Keith Black said that they use earpieces instead of holding the phone against their heads out of fear of brain tumors."

These two were probably terrified when they read about Chicken Little as children. It never ceases to amaze me how supposedly learned people can behave in such a naive manner.

So what we have here is much ado about NOTHING and yet there are those that are fearful. The global warmers are fearful over a hoax. The scientists that took away cyclamate and saccharin were FEARFUL over nonexistent bladder tumors. Millions have died from malaria over the giant hoax and fear of DDT. I figure sooner or later enough fearful left wing loons will get together and petition the gubment to regulate cellphones. They'll want to tax the things. They will want to change your behavior and try and run your life for your own good. They will claim it is to SAVE THE CHILDREN. They will try and make you fearful. Some of the less informed and gullible will buy into the hoax. Eventually some class action and product liability lawyers will find a judge stupid enough to hear a case against cellphones and they will use the hoax to pad their pockets.

Hmmmmm, the only thing I am afraid of today is a buncha looney toon liberals.

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  1. Some people have a phone stuck up to their ear constantly. I don't see it.